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Ralph Nader on CSPAN about possible 2012 run: If you’re never willing to lose, you’re never going to win

Via Punk Patriot: Ralph Nader on CSPAN:

In regards to a possible 2012 presidential run, Nader says he is looking for another progressive candidate to get behind, but has not yet decided whether he will run himself again if he can’t find one that is willing and suitable. He brings up the unfairness of debate exclusion and ballot access barriers, and says he has a new “debate strategy” which he does not elaborate on.… Read more ...

Libertarians: The New Democratic Strategy

With the Democrats in Congress looking to incur major losses on election day, the party has shifted to another strategy: support Libertarians.

Technically, the Democratic Party is not endorsing the Libertarian Party’s candidates. And of course, the Democrats still want you to vote for them. Nevertheless, all over the country beleaguered Democrats are attempting to split the conservative vote by churning out literature supporting the LP.… Read more ...

AEI Analysis Sees Danger for GOP in Possibility of Independent Insurgency

From Henry Olson at the American Enterprise Institute:

I see the current state of affairs as an intensification, perhaps even a culmination, of four interrelated 25-year political trends: a growing distrust of conservative and liberal ideologies, a growing movement away from the two parties and toward political independence, increases in the racial-minority (which usually means Democratic-voting) share of the population, and a growing inability of the Republican party to bridge the gap between its populist and elite wings.

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