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Stuart Bain Hosts Virtual Town Hall and Moneybomb

Libertarian Stuart Bain, running against Independent/Modern Whig Jeff Vanke and incumbent Republican Bob Goodlatte in Virginia’s 6th congressional district, held a virtual town hall Friday night in conjunction with a planned moneybomb. The event brought in over $500 for the campaign.

To see some quotes from Bain on the campaign trail, see this article.… Read more ...

Mixed Polling for Minor Party and Independent Candidates in VA

SurveyUSA recently polled three Virginia congressional districts at the behest of a local news organization. Here are some of their results.


9th Congressional District:

  • Morgan Griffith (R): 39%
  • Rick Boucher (D): 52% – incumbent
  • Jeremiah Heaton (I): 5%

One local paper wrote this interesting article about Heaton’s campaign and his practice of travelling outside of the district to learn about national issues.… Read more ...