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Wayne Root: Comparing the Life of a Government Employee with the Private Sector

By Wayne Allyn Root, Former Libertarian Vice Presidential Nominee and Best-Selling Author of “The Conscience of a Libertarian

The world is backwards. It should be the taxpayers striking in the streets of Wisconsin. But, private sector taxpayers can’t afford to take a day off, let alone a week. Doesn’t that say everything?… Read more ...

Student-Columnists Blast the Two-Party State, Call for Third Party and Independent Alternatives


Over the last few weeks, in opinion pieces for college and university newspapers across the country, students have stepped up their criticism of the reigning two-party state and duopoly system of government. AJ Warne writes for the Daily Athenaeum, out of West Virginia University, and argues that the “rise of a third (or fourth) party will better the political landscape.”… Read more ...

University of Texas at Dallas student runs for office as a Libertarian

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Grad student’s candidacy keeps third party on District 112 ballot

Eric Nicholson

Philip White is not running a conventional political campaign.

The 22-year-old UTD graduate student has not knocked on any doors or given any speeches. He has not spent or raised a single dime.

White, the Libertarian Party candidate for District 112 state representative, said he knows his candidacy is a long shot, but he thinks voters should have more than two choices.… Read more ...