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RealClearPolitics: Is Libertarian Gary Johnson the Wild Card in Fall Election?

He doesn’t have a vast campaign account, as the two major-party candidates do, but he does have Roger Stone, a veteran of Republican presidential campaigns who says he’s sick of the party and is now consulting for Johnson. Stone believes that with the rise of social media, there are ways to break through the campaign din, and he’s cooking up some “provocative” stunts that will get Johnson attention in the months ahead.

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icPurple SuperPAC Looks to Spend Major Money Backing Viable Independent Candidates

Ted Waitt is the founder of Gateway and a notable Independent who has created the icPurple SuperPAC in an effort to help fund Independent political campaigns which are winnable. He has seeded the organization with $300,000 to start running ads in some key races for Independent candidates.

A new SuperPAC has been formed to support independent candidates around the country, including Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher’s for San Diego mayor and Chad Condit’s bid for Congress. 

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Wes Benedict, Art DiBianca Start Libertarian Action Super PAC

Via Ballot Access News:

Wes Benedict and Arthur DiBianca, two Texas Libertarians, have founded the “Libertarian Action Super PAC”, also known as LASPAC. It has already received $100,000 in contributions, and plans to make independent expenditures to promote the Libertarian presidential ticket. Donations to such committees are unlimited, as long as the committee does not coordinate with the candidate.

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