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Max Linn: Former Reform Party Gubernatorial Nominee, Independent Senate Candidate Dead of Heart Attack

Max Linn, a colorful figure who sought elected office from a variety of different parties over the years, has died of an apparent heart attack in Maine.

Linn is likely best known to IPR readers from his 2006 campaign for governor of Florida on the Reform Party ballot line. After being excluded from the first debate with his major party opponents, Linn successfully sued his way onto the stage (at the very last second) to participate in the final televised debate.… Read more ...

Write-in candidate for Maine Senate seat challenges opponents to a debate

“It is time for candidates to debate the most pressing issues affecting this nation and not focus on ‘Swift Boat’ propoganda,” says Herbert Hoffman, independent candidate for US Senate. The statement comes in response to a series of attack ads on the incumbent, Susan Collins, and her Democratic challenger, Tom Allen.… Read more ...

Democrats Against Democracy strike again

The Democrats have been known for doing this all over the country. Mostly because they are not doing anything to serve the constituencies and interest groups they claim to represent. I’ve been toying with the idea of starting Democrats Against Democracy as a formal group. Here they are at work again in Maine:

Independent U.S.

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