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Update on the Libertarian Party Radical Caucus

The current incarnation of the LP radical caucus was created in 2006 by Susan Hogarth and other party members unhappy with the outcome of the 2006 party platform vote.

Radical Caucus Key Points

The Radical Caucus believes these four points are key strategic principles in furthering the work of the Libertarian Party toward, as our platform describes it, “a world set free in our lifetime”.

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Susan Hogarth introduces LP-discuss.org


About lp-discuss.org
This is NOT an official site of the Libertarian Party.
It was created by Susan Hogarth, and all inquires about it should be directed to her at hogarth@gmail.com.

This site exists to discuss the content on the LP.org website. The general form is that an article/press release/blog entry from LP.org

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Sean Haugh is no longer employed by the Libertarian Party

http://www.lp.org/staff no longer lists Sean Haugh. Thanks to Susan Hogarth for this news. The budget approved at the recent LNC meeting in San Diego contains significantly less money for staff salaries than the previous budget, and Haugh has been writing articles at Liberty For All which have been highly critical of LP national chair Bill Redpath.… Read more ...

Keaton/Shinghal 2012 announces cabinet intentions

Via vice-presidential contender Michelle Shinghal’s blog comes an early look at one potential Libertarian cabinet:

Keaton has been quite the busy bee so she’s asked me to announce our cabinet. Obviously we realize that this step is usually taken after winning not only a party nomination but the White House but we feel that you can never be too prepared.

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How did IPR contributors and readers do on election day?

IPR founder GE shared 23,740 votes with 16 others in a slate of presidential electors pledged to Bob Barr, .4% of the vote.

Contributor Paulie Cannoli shared 4,983 votes with 8 other Alabama presidential electors pledged to Bob Barr, .2%.

Contributor Tom Knapp took 8,576 votes in Missouri’s 2nd congressional district, for 2.3%.… Read more ...

One last look at Denver (pictures)

Following up, belatedly, on our earlier pictures thread:

Jake Porter talks with some would-be constituents before he dropped out of the LNC at-large race.

Susan Hogarth hammers home a radical button:

The WWE’s Kane was a Mary supporter (note the button):

Mary Ruwart:

Mary Ruwart talking with her staff (Thomas Hill, Mary, Ray Carr (her husband), unknown guy in blue coat, Brian Irving):

Two pictures of the Ruwart booth:

A hardcore Ruwart supporter:

Another hardcore supporter, my daughter, Waverly Quinn:

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Mary Ruwart to run for LNC, Nolan likely to drop out

It is not officially confirmed, but it is widely speculated that Mary Ruwart will run for a seat on the Libertarian National Committee.

In related news, it has been reported that David Nolan is likely to drop out, based on his perception that Bill Redpath will win re-election. “He said he just can’t work with Redpath under any circumstances,” one anonymous radical said.… Read more ...