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Posts tagged as “Susan Hogarth”

Update on the Libertarian Party Radical Caucus

The current incarnation of the LP radical caucus was created in 2006 by Susan Hogarth and other party members unhappy with the outcome of the 2006 party platform vote.

Radical Caucus Key Points

The Radical Caucus believes these four points are key strategic principles in furthering the work of the Libertarian Party toward, as our platform describes it, “a world set free in our lifetime”.

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Sean Haugh is no longer employed by the Libertarian Party no longer lists Sean Haugh. Thanks to Susan Hogarth for this news. The budget approved at the recent LNC meeting in San Diego contains significantly less money for staff salaries than the previous budget, and Haugh has been writing articles at Liberty For All which have been highly critical of LP national chair Bill Redpath.… Read more ...

Keaton/Shinghal 2012 announces cabinet intentions

Via vice-presidential contender Michelle Shinghal’s blog comes an early look at one potential Libertarian cabinet:

Keaton has been quite the busy bee so she’s asked me to announce our cabinet. Obviously we realize that this step is usually taken after winning not only a party nomination but the White House but we feel that you can never be too prepared.

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