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Constitution Party: Navigating COVID-19 but Leaving Americans’ Liberties Intact

Darrell Castle, the 2008 vice presidential nominee and 2016 presidential nominee for the Constitution Party, wrote the party’s official statement, released today, addressing the coronavirus pandemic. 

A Response to the Crisis by the Constitution Party

In the management of the current national crisis involving the Covid-19 virus, the actions of the Federal Government are unprecedented and violate the Constitution of the United States in many ways.… Read more ...

Evergreen Libertarian: Let’s put the teachers in charge

Michael H. Wilson at Evergreen Libertarian:

The standoff between the Republicans and the Democrats in Wisconsin over the unions has managed to capture a significant portion of the news and now is spreading to Ohio, Indiana and elsewhere. Teachers are a large portion of the government employees involved. Caught in the middle of all of this are the students whose schools have been closed in some cases and the taxpayers who have to foot the bill.… Read more ...

Starchild: Proposed resolution of Libertarian support for Julian Assange and WikiLeaks

Starchild comments on a previous press release by the Libertarian Party supporting Julian Assange, Bradley Manning and WikiLeaks:

What paulie said — anti-TSA and pro-WikiLeaks! Both of these issues represent key tests of government power against civil liberties, one related to the First Amendment protections of freedom and speech and of the press, the other related to the Fourth Amendment protections from unreasonable search and seizure.… Read more ...

Sweden: Rapidly Expanding Support for Green Party

From Stockholm News via TPID:

The Green party in Stockholm is however the big winner. Compared with the 2006 elections the Greens have doubled their support, this means an increase with 100 percent.. In this survey they got 18.2 percent which means that they are almost as big as the Social Democrats’ 20.2 percent.… Read more ...

WikiLeaks Servers To Be Hosted By Pirate Party

(excerpt from) Information Week
WikiLeaks Servers To Be Hosted By Pirate Party

by Antone Gonsalves
August 18, 2010

Julian Assange’s organization will received free hosting and bandwidth from a Swedish political party that advocates copyright reform and abolishing the patent system.

Sweden’s Pirate Party has agreed to host several new servers of WikiLeaks, an international group denounced by the U.S.

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Swedish Pirate Party launches own ISP


The Swedish Pirate Party is branching out. The campaigning organisation has decided to launch its own ISP in an attempt to offer increased privacy and as a means of increasing revenue.

According to a post that it made on file-sharing site TorrentFreak, the Pirate Party is set to introduce the new service on a trial basis in the Swedish city of Lund.… Read more ...

Swedish Pirate Party Keeps Pirate Bay Online


rom a press release at Earth Times:

A Swedish political party that campaigns against restrictions for internet users said Tuesday it will provide internet access for the Pirate Bay file-sharing website.”We got tired of Hollywood’s cat-and-mouse game with the Pirate Bay and decided to offer the bandwith,” said Rick Falvinge, leader of the Swedish Pirate Party.… Read more ...

Green Party results for European Union Elections

The Green Party is an international movement. The Green Party of the United States (GP-US) is connected with other Green Parties through various organizations and associations. The basic values of the Green Party can be described with the four pillars: Non-violence; Social and Economic Justice; Ecological Wisdom and Grassroots Democracy.

The GP-US has sent a media update to its state chapters with a link to the European Greens website, which gives Green Party elections results for the European Union Parliament elections held this week.… Read more ...

ABBA great helps boost feminism and ballot equality in Sweden

Sunday, June 7, 2009, in Sweden are elections for the European Union parliament. (The EU election date for other countries varies.) One of the newer parties vying for a seat at the table is the “Feminist Initiative” (FI!), a party which includes men and women putting forth a feminist platform.… Read more ...

IPR’s Kimberly Wilder to speak on Swedish feminist political party

Movie showing with panel discussion about the creation of a feminist party

The Feminist Initiative film and discussion
last in the series…
Women’s Herstory Across the Globe

The Feminist Initiative
Sunday, April 26 at 2pm
Cinema Arts Centre

423 Park Avenue Huntington, NY

Guest Speakers:

Hedda Marcus, Professor of English, Women’s Studies and Multidisciplinary Studies at Nassau Community College

Kimberly Wilder, writer at Independent Political Report, third party activist

Andrea Callan, Executive Director of the NYCLU Suffolk County Chapter

Moderator: Charlotte Koons, board member of NYCLU, member CODEPINK

Some of the topics to be covered: feminism, third parties, coalition building, media messaging, platform creation

$9 Members / $12 Public / Includes Reception

Tickets can also be purchased at the box office during theatre hours or by calling Brown Paper Tickets toll free at 1-800-838-3006.… Read more ...

Pirate Party gets massive support in Sweden

Posted by Ernesto at TorrentFreak

Things are looking really good for the Swedish Pirate Party. Running up to the 2009 European Parliament elections more than half of all Swedish men under 30 are considering voting for them. Thanks to the Internet, its membership has grown 50% during the last quarter, surpassing that of the well established Green Party.

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