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Chicago Reader (alt weekly): ‘A Libertarian Perspective on Our Recent Election’

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logo_lp_illinois_blue.png The Libertarian Party of Illinois ran a full slate of candidates this year, with a guy named Lex Green at the top of the ballot. A “Green” Libertarian? Confusing! No wonder they didn’t meet the five percent threshold required to more easily get on the ballot in 2014.… Read more ...

(Poli-Tea) Florida: Tea Party and Whig Party Challenge Democrat-Republican Rule in the Sunshine State

Posted at http://politeaparty.blogspot.com/2010/04/fl-tea-party-and-whig-party-challenge.html by d. eris:

Given this week’s tax day tea party protests, it is worth reiterating that any movement intent on fostering constitutional representative government is doomed to failure if it works within the confines established by the Democratic-Republican two-party state and ruling political class. Like untold numbers of anti-war activists during the Bush administration, many in the tea party movement have, unfortunately, been duped by the propagandists of lesser-evilism in the corporate media and the major parties.… Read more ...