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Statement: Dan Behrman vs. Bernie Sanders

Dan Behrman is a candidate for the Libertarian Party’s 2020 presidential nomination. He is best known for his large yellow hat with the slogan “Taxation is Theft.”  I’ve signed up to receive updates from each Libertarian presidential candidate and Behrman sends out more statements than any other.  Below is a statement he released yesterday about the issue of healthcare and the withdrawal of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders:

Radical Healthcare Reform

There were only two candidates on the entire 2020 presidential platform who were pushing for heavy healthcare reform.… Read more ...

Brent DeRidder: Taxation Is Theft

Taxation is theft because words have definitions. Words evolve so perhaps one day taxation will not be theft. However, the idea will be the same despite having to be expressed using different words.

Taxation is theft even if you buy me something nice with the money.

Taxation is theft even if you buy someone else something nice with the money.… Read more ...