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LPCO: Big Convention, Big Plans

From a Media Release by the Libertarian Party of Colorado:

The Libertarian Party of Colorado held its annual convention last weekend, March 24-26 2017, at the Westin hotel in Westminster Colorado.

Events began on Friday with a mixer, and concluded after business on Sunday.  The event included many speakers from around the country, and resulted in many changes to the makeup of the party’s leadership.… Read more ...

Constitution Party of Wisconsin Calls for ”Real Tax Relief”

From ConstitutionPartyWI.com
CPoW Stands for Real Tax Relief
Posted on 

August 15, 2013

By Andrew Zuelke

Governor Scott Walker said the recently passed state budget “provides nearly $1 billion in tax reliefs for Wisconsin families.”

The Republican Party of Wisconsin (GOP-WI) may provide tax cuts, but like Democrats, will not give us a brand new tax code sans a tax on incomes and a state property tax.

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Greg Morin: Incentives and Taxes

Published on the Libertarian Party of Georgia website on June 21, 2013. Greg Morin is a member of the Libertarian Party of Georgia. 

Bill O’Reilly is disingenuous when he says high taxes might compel him to quit his lucrative job. Although there is a level where taxes can have that effect (why engage in challenging work if taxes limit your income to that of someone flipping burgers), we are nowhere near it.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party of Texas To Host Debate: Low Tax Versus No Tax

Big Decision, Big Debate on Saturday June 29


On Saturday, we have a very important decision to make.  We are about 83% towards our goal to make that decision.  I am asking you to join me.

I am making a $1,500 donation toward hiring an executive director for the Libertarian Party of


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Green Shadow Cabinet: Obama budget: More cuts are coming

Obama budget: More cuts are coming
June 11, 2013
Jack Rasmus, Chairman of the Federal Reserve

With Obama’s publication of his 2014 budget proposals this past April 2013, the current round of deficit cutting set in motion by Obama’s Simpson-Bowles Commission four years ago may be coming to a conclusion of sorts by this September 2013.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party of North Carolina: NC GOP ‘Tax Fairness Act’ is not fair

RALEIGH (May 14) – The tax reform plan announced by state Senate Republicans last week is just another charade designed to make people think they are actually reducing taxes, the Libertarian Party of North Carolina state chair said in a statement today.

“Calling it the Tax Fairness Act and claiming it’s the largest tax cut in state history is misleading at best,” said J.J.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party: Move Personal Independence Day From June To January

Libertarian Party: Move Personal Independence Day from June to January

Every year, federal, state and local governments seize an enormous percentage of
the money Americans earn. For several months of every year, taxpayers are
effectively working for the government without compensation.

This year, [1]according to the Tax Foundation, Americans must work until April
18, what they call Tax Freedom Day, to pay their taxes before they can finally
start working for themselves instead, based on a total federal, state, and local
tax burden of $4.22 trillion.… Read more ...

Only 7% Of Respondents On LP.org Poll Favor The “Fair Tax”

The following was posted on lp.org April 12th:

posted by Staff on Apr 12, 2013

In response to the poll question posted at the LP.org web site on March 14, 2013 which asks, “Is there any circumstance where proposing a new tax is justified?” 81 percent of those who rendered an opinion (excluding those who selected “I have a different view”) reject revenue-neutral tax proposals and insist that total tax revenue must always go down.

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Libertarian Party: “It’s the high government spending, stupid!” …and other LP news about taxes

Libertarian Party

Table of Contents:


Tax message to politicians and pundits: “It’s the high government spending, stupid!”

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Libertarian Party Urges Tax Cuts Now In Light of Upcoming April 15th Tax Day

Dear fellow Libertarian,

31 Days Left Until April 15th: Income Tax Day.

April 15th represents far more than just the day that we pay our federal income taxes.

“April 15th” means “Taxes” to most Americans.

In the days leading up to April 15th, Americans are receptive and responsive to conversations about their taxes.

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