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Chicago Reader (alt weekly): ‘A Libertarian Perspective on Our Recent Election’

Lauri Apple in the Chicago Reader alternative weekly:

logo_lp_illinois_blue.png The Libertarian Party of Illinois ran a full slate of candidates this year, with a guy named Lex Green at the top of the ballot. A “Green” Libertarian? Confusing! No wonder they didn’t meet the five percent threshold required to more easily get on the ballot in 2014.… Read more ...

Tom Knapp: ‘Iced Tea: The Unsweetened Truth About Tuesday’s Elections’

Posted at Center for a Stateless Society by Tom Knapp. Knapp was formerly involved as a candidate for office and party officer in the Libertarian Party as well as the Boston Tea Party (the latter of which he founded). He has since disavowed electoral politics and is currently promoting the Ⓧ2012 project to organize deliberate non-voters.Read more ...

Michigan Tea Party Loses Ballot Access Lawsuit

Ballot Access News:

On August 30, the Michigan State Court of Appeals ruled that “The Tea Party” should not be added to the ballot because of discrepancies over its name. In many official documents it had said its name is “The Tea Party”. But on the petition sheets, the name of the party is “Tea Party”.… Read more ...

American Conservative Party: ‘Republican Hypocrisy and the Tea Party movement’

Posted at http://theamericanconservatives.org:

I am hard pressed to find a better illustration of a) Republican hypocricy, and b) why the “Tea Party” movement should have little or nothing to do with the GOP. This is from the CATO Institute’s Website.

The Washington Times recently used the Freedom of Information Act to obtain letters sent to the USDA by numerous Republican lawmakers seeking stimulus money for their constituents.

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Tea Party Movement Renews Demand that Tea Party, the Ballot-Qualified Party in Florida, Change Its Name

Ballot Access News:

As noted earlier, on January 19, 2010, the South Florida Tea Party, Inc., had filed a federal lawsuit, demanding that the ballot-qualified Tea Party change its name. On February 17, the South Florida Tea Party, Inc., filed an amended complaint. It again asks that the court order the ballot-qualified party to change its name.… Read more ...

Zaleski: Tea Party crowd can learn from Nader

Jack Zaleski

I’m a Ralph Nader fan. The man who almost single-handedly changed the way Americans think about auto safety has been on the public policy scene for more than four decades, and has not lost his edge. He’s the unpleasant, uncompromising gadfly he was from the beginning. He’s as sure of his beliefs now as he was then.… Read more ...

Chuck Baldwin: ‘A Warning To The Tea Party Nation’

By Chuck Baldwin

As far as grassroots activism goes, the surge in Tea Parties across America is one of the more encouraging developments to recently take place. It reminds me of the “Conservative Revolution” of 1994, when the GOP reclaimed both the US Senate and House of Representatives. At that time, it had been over 40 years since the Republican Party controlled both the US House and Senate.… Read more ...

Third Party Tea Party?

Though many identify the tea party movement with the GOP, third party and independent activists have had a strong role in the various tea party groups from the very beginning.  TPM Muckraker reports on the split within the tea party movement between those who seek accommodation with the Republican Party and those seeking independent and third party alternatives to the two-party political status quo:

Knapp, who lives in Sacramento, California, helped form a local group that organized a well-attended event on Tax Day last April.

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