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Chicago Reader (alt weekly): ‘A Libertarian Perspective on Our Recent Election’

Lauri Apple in the Chicago Reader alternative weekly:

logo_lp_illinois_blue.png The Libertarian Party of Illinois ran a full slate of candidates this year, with a guy named Lex Green at the top of the ballot. A “Green” Libertarian? Confusing! No wonder they didn’t meet the five percent threshold required to more easily get on the ballot in 2014.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party Most Favored by Tea Party Protesters

From Libertarian Republican blog by way of Third Party and Independent Daily:

The poll conducted by Politico (via Rightosphere), asked a myriad of questions to Tea Party rally attendees in Washington, DC April 15. Of particular interest, those surveyed were asked to identify the one political party most closely aligned with the beliefs of the Tea Party.

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