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LNC Executive Committee Teleconference Scheduled for 12/29 (noon, EST) to Discuss LNC Member Travel Reimbursement

LP chair Geoff Neale has asked for another teleconference of the Libertarian National Committee’s Executive Committee to discuss reimbursement of travel expenses incurred (mainly by LNC members) as a result of the cancellation of the LNC meeting originally scheduled for December 7-8 in Dallas and subsequently held the following weekend.

The seven ExCom members are Neale, vice chair Lee Wrights, treasurer Tim Hagen, secretary Dave Blau, at large representative Bill Redpath, and regional representatives Jim Lark and Dan Wiener.… Read more ...

Reform Party Calls Teleconference National Committee Meeting

Ballot Access News reports:

The Reform Party has set a teleconference national committee meeting for December 19, Saturday. Now that the Texas-based officers have won the federal lawsuit in New York establishing their ownership of the party’s trademark, the party hopes to rebuild. It is still ballot-qualified in Florida, Kansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi.… Read more ...