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Bob Barr Offers Comments On Gary Johnson and Libertarian Party

Bob Barr penned an article for The Daily Caller recently which lauds the Libertarian Party for selecting former two-term Governor Gary Johnson as its nominee.

At its national convention in Las Vegas over the weekend, the Libertarian Party chose its standard bearers for the upcoming presidential election.

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Gary Johnson Editorial On Ron Paul’s New Hampshire Performance

Gary Johnson is a Presidential candidate for the presidential nomination of the Libertarian Party. He was previously a candidate in the GOP primary in which a fellow competitor for votes was Ron Paul. This is why Gary Johnson’s editorial at Daily Caller calling attention to Ron Paul’s performance in New Hampshire is interesting.… Read more ...

Former Libertarian presidential candidates speak about al-Awlaki killing

Staff at blog:

The Daily Caller reports comments from Gary Nolan and Ron Paul, two past contenders for the Libertarian presidential nomination. (Paul won the nomination in 1988.)

2004 Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Nolan told The Daily Caller on Wednesday that if he had been elected president and were still in charge, terror leader Anwar al-Awlaki would be alive and in the United States today.

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