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In The Guardian: ‘Can Roseanne Barr help the Green party break out?’

Writer Dan Gillmor writes in the UK newspaper The Guardian, wondering if comedian Roseanne Barr, now contending for the Green Party’s presidential nomination, will help to raise the profile of the Green Party of the United States, which struggles a great deal compared to its European counterparts.  Interestingly, Gillmor cites a tweet by Barr saying that she does not expect to win the nomination.… Read more ...

Caroline Lucas interview in The Guardian

Posted by Dave Schwab at Green Party Watch:

Aida Edamariam at The Guardian has an interview with Caroline Lucas, who recently became the Green Party of England and Wales’ first member of parliament:

Whatever you think of the Greens, it would have been hard not to feel that one of the few truly inspiring moments in last week’s election came at about 6am on Friday 7 May, when, in a hall on the cold seafront, Green party leader Caroline Lucas was declared MP for Brighton Pavilion, with a 1,200 majority.

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The Guardian political blog covers third parties

A post on The Guardian‘s political blog, borne from the sight of a Chuck Baldwin billboard, informs its UK readers about the state of third parties and their presidential candidates in the United States. And it even gives Independent Political Report and the Catholic Trotskyist Party a bit of press.… Read more ...