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Gary Johnson: UK rejected ‘crony capitalism’ with Brexit

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Gary Johnson: UK rejected ‘crony capitalism’ with Brexit

By Harper Neidig, TheHill.com, June 25th, 2016:

Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson hailed the outcome of the Brexit vote, applauding the United Kingdom for rejecting “crony capitalism” by choosing to leave the European Union.

“I think what the Brexit vote represents is Britain saying, look they’ve had an end to the crony capitalism of the European Union,” he said during a speech at Politicon on Saturday, adding that EU regulations had hampered trade for the U.K.

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Gary Johnson interviewed by Fox News and The Hill today

Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson appeared on Fox News today (video length: a little under 13 minutes, via American Third Party Report):

Johnson was also interviewed by The Hill today (video length: 36 minutes):

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The Hill’s Pundits blog: Big Brother is bipartisan

Brent Budowsky at The Hill:

The great coming issue is privacy. The great sucking sound you hear is government and business wanting to know what you write in e-mails, what condoms you purchase at the pharmacy, what books you read in the library and what credit cards you use at the store.

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Coverage varies on the release of FEC 2008 election results

from an opinion piece by IPR Contributor Kimberly Wilder at Onthewilderside.com:

FEC releases 2008 prez/congressional vote count: mixed media response

Ballot Access News is a site which focuses on why and how independent and third party candidates have so many ballot access hurdles to overcome. So, when the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) released its report on votes in the 2008 US Presidential race and Congressional races this week, Ballot Access covered the story in a straightforward way, and the FEC link was given.

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