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Tony Lane: For Tom Fiske ‘Revolutionary Politics Was Pure Enjoyment’

From Tony Lane at The Militant:

“Throughout his life Tom Fiske acted on the fact that the lessons learned in struggle through the 165 years of communist continuity are critical for the working class now, and that everything you do to build revolutionary communist parties in the United States and elsewhere today is decisive for the future of humanity,” said Socialist Workers Party National Committee member Norton Sandler at a spirited meeting here May 31 that celebrated the life and political contributions of a 50-year veteran and leader of the party.… Read more ...

Two Socialist Workers Party Mayoral Candidates Go on Fact-Finding Trip to Egypt

From Ballot Access News, August 12, 2013: 

Dan Fein, the Socialist Workers Party nominee for Mayor of New York city, and Mary Martin, SWP nominee for Mayor of Seattle, spent some time in Egypt during the latter part of July. See this story in The Militant. Egypt, of course, is a nation undergoing a great deal of political ferment this year.… Read more ...

Socialist Workers Party: Protests across Brazil target worsening social conditions

Published in The Militant in the July 8, 2013 issue. The Militant is the official weekly newspaper of the Socialist Workers Party. 

Protests Across Brazil target worsening social conditions

Gov’t backs off bus fare hikes, fails to stem actions

AP photo/Felipe Dana
More than a million people across Brazil have taken to the streets, sparked by government bus fare hike.
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