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Posts tagged as “The New Yorker”

Blogger who posed as David Koch on call to WI gov. considering run for Congress with the Green Party

From The New Yorker:

Two weeks after Gawker published a shirtless Craigslist photo of Congressman Chris Lee and solicitous e-mails he sent, leading him to resign, Ian Murphy, one of his erstwhile constituents, prank-called Scott Walker, the governor of Wisconsin, and now has his eye on Lee’s vacant seat.

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‘The New Yorker’ looks at voting systems, from plurality to IRV to range voting

From a new, interesting piece in The New Yorker that reads like a few-page version of William Poundstone’s book “Gaming the Vote,” which is also worth reading (the full thing can be read here):

Why are the effects of an unfamiliar electoral system so hard to puzzle out in advance?

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‘The New Yorker”s Hendrik Hertzberg examines New York’s history of fusion on his blog

Inspired by a discussion on the National Popular Vote Plan, Hendrik Hertzberg recently wrote a blog post about third parties in New York state and the state’s practice of fusion, in which more than one party can endorse one candidate.  Tied in with the history is Hertzberg’s personal history, as his father was a key official in the Liberal Party during the 1950s. … Read more ...