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The Real News Interview: ‘Why is Rocky Anderson Running for President?’

Below are the video and transcript of an interview with Rocky Anderson, former mayor of Salt Lake City and 2012 presidential nominee of the recently formed Justice Party, from the Real News Network.

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Rocky Anderson is the presidential candidate and founder of the newly-formed Justice Party.

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Socialist candidate for US Senate in Ohio interviewed about immigration economics by The Real News

Dan La Botz, the Socialist Party USA candidate for US Senate in Ohio, was recently interviewed by The Real News Network on the subject of Mexican economics and how it affects immigration.  He talked about neoliberal policies like NAFTA and how they have created conditions which force Mexicans to immigrate.… Read more ...

Howard Zinn comments on the future of the progressive movement, a potential third party

The Real News Network recently interviewed the famous historian Howard Zinn, whose most famous book is A People’s History of the United States.  He addressed topics including his new movie, the significance of labor unions, the success of Obama’s administration, Ron Paul’s followers, and the potential for a large third party forming.… Read more ...

The Real News asks viewers for help

The Real News Network is an online news organization that was founded by one of Canada’s most respected journalists, Paul Jay. Other respected public figures like Noami Klein and Gore Vidal have supported it since its inception. It is a completely viewer-supported venture and aims to cover important issues that the mainstream cable networks have ignored or forgotten.Â… Read more ...