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MA: Republican Anti-Independent Attack Ads Appear to Boost Incumbent Democrat

From Poli-Tea:

The other day, I noted that the Democratic Governors Association and Republican Governors Association had launched web and television-based campaigns targeting independent gubernatorial candidates in Rhode Island (Lincoln Chafee) and Massachusetts (Tim Cahill), respectively. There has been significant fallout from the RGA’s efforts in the Bay State.

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Poli-Tea: ‘Duopolist Bias and Third Party Media Strategy: Press Blackout? Light Some Candles and Turn on a Flashlight’

Posted at Poli-Tea:

In the corporate media and mainstream political press, advocates of third party and independent politics are like Schroedinger’s cat: they exist and they do not exist at the very same time. At Green Party Watch, Dave Schwab invites readers to join an ongoing discussion of third party media strategy:

Recent stories about media outlets and environmental organizations turning a blind eye to Green candidates Rich Whitney and Laura Wells inspired a piece at GreenChange.org

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