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Death Notice: Stephen P. Gordon

Libertarian activist Stephen P. Gordon died unexpectedly September 5, 2018 at the age of 56. An Alabama native, Gordon resided in New York since 2014, working for Project Veritas.

Gordon’s involvement in the Libertarian Party dates back to the 1990’s, when he co-founded two local chapters in Georgia.  Upon returning to Alabama in 2002, Gordon’s national profile grew.… Read more ...

IPR traffic report: just passed TPW in page views on sitemeter, despite over six month head start

As of a few minutes ago, IPR is at 1,476,912 pageviews since May 20, 2008, and TPW is at 1,476,455 pageviews since December 13, 2007.

Since the pace is more recently about an order of magnitude apart, they will start having to do something very different if they want to make this interesting again.… Read more ...

Snubgate goes mainstream: WaPo says Barr went ‘hog wild’

Acting without just authority, interim Executive Director of the Libertarian Party Robert Kraus — who replaced the disgraced and resigned Shane Cory (who now works for the Barr campaign) — issued a statement saying that libertarians should not trust blogs for their news. He was unhappy with the way IPR, Last Free Voice, and LewRockwell.com were covering Snubgate.… Read more ...

Barr fails to submit enough raw signatures in West Virginia, as IPR predicted

Ballot Access New reports that

According to the West Virginia Secretary of State, petitions for Libertarian Party candidate Bob Barr fell short. He turned in 13,036 of the 15,118 required by state law.

IPR first reported about this on August 1, when I wrote

According to a field report by one of the Libertarian petitioners on the ground in West Virginia, as of tonight’s final turn-in of signatures by petitioners to the campaign, the LP gathered only around 12,000 raw signatures, falling short of the 15,118 required by state law.

Read more ...

Free State libertarians upset with Barr nomination hold mock funeral for Libertarian Party

New Hampshire libertarians who feel that the nomination of former Republican Bob Barr has “killed” the Libertarian Party held a mock funeral on July 20. Some of the participants included Ian Bernard of FreeTalkLive and Seth Cohn, who banged on the LP’s coffin and screamed, “For the love of God, no!”

Third Party Watch, which is owned and operated by Barr supporters and employees but is supposedly a “news” site, said the funeral participants were “losers” and suggested that if someone had been using as many illicit drugs as the makers of this film, it might be funny.… Read more ...

Shane Cory paid nearly $18k by LP in May and June

According to recently published FEC reports, former Executive Director of the Libertarian Party, Shane Cory, was paid $17,870.97 by the Libertarian Party between May 14 and June 11 of this year.

Mr. Cory resigned in May after issuing a press release calling for more government which many observers thought was intended to smear LP presidential front-runner Mary Ruwart and benefit eventual nominee Bob Barr.… Read more ...

What is wrong with Third-Party Watch?

Since IPR’s inception, Third-Party Watch has linked to several of our stories — usually crediting them to Austin Cassidy, whether he wrote them or not. But recently, at least one TPW author has begun copying IPR content and reposting it as his own.

Take for example: Bob Barr contradicts LP: Government ‘has to do something’ to bail out Fannie/Freddie on TPW.… Read more ...

Questions for Cynthia McKinney and other Green candidates?

I’ve said this in the comments, but maybe it will get more response this way. I’m heading out in a little over an hour to go to Chicago for the Green Party national convention. I have a press pass for IPR (it took one simple email, quite different from the on-off-on again deal with the LP that I had for Denver).… Read more ...

Could Barr/Root win electoral votes?

Stephen Gordon, a member of the Barr campaign and editor for Third Party Watch, has posted a hypothetical electoral map in which the LP ticket wins 18 states. Among the improbable blue states Gordon sees going “gold” are Michigan, Minnesota, Oregon, and Wisconsin.

Although most would consider Gordon’s scenario unreasonably optimistic, it does call into question electoral strategy.… Read more ...

TPW founder Austin Cassidy joins IPR in senior role

Third Party Watch founder Austin Cassidy has agreed to join Independent Political Report as Publisher and Managing Partner. Says Mr. Cassidy:

I started Third Party Watch because I thought there was a need for a largely objective news source that covered the so called “periphery” of American politics. The site was successful, but I think the need still exists today and that’s why I’m really excited to be playing a role in creating the new Independent Political Report.

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David Nolan on Richard Viguerie

Libertarian Party founder David Nolan has written a short article connecting several of the recent controversies in the LP. A list of topics covered would spoil the entire piece (hint: check the tags), so here’s the gist in Nolan’s own words:

Clearly, Barr and Viguerie are attempting to gain control of the LP so that Barr can campaign on a conservative/libertarian hybrid platform and Viguerie can extend his fundraising empire into the libertarian quadrant of the political universe.

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Goodbye TPW . . . Hello IPR

Austin Cassidy was an unlikely father of the greatest minor-party news site in the history of the Internet. After all, he was and is a Republican, and a thoroughly moderate one at that. He even supports John McCain for president!

But maybe that’s why the old Third Party Watch site was so great.… Read more ...