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Posts tagged as “Third Party Watch”

IPR traffic report: just passed TPW in page views on sitemeter, despite over six month head start

As of a few minutes ago, IPR is at 1,476,912 pageviews since May 20, 2008, and TPW is at 1,476,455 pageviews since December 13, 2007.

Since the pace is more recently about an order of magnitude apart, they will start having to do something very different if they want to make this interesting again.… Read more ...

Barr fails to submit enough raw signatures in West Virginia, as IPR predicted

Ballot Access New reports that

According to the West Virginia Secretary of State, petitions for Libertarian Party candidate Bob Barr fell short. He turned in 13,036 of the 15,118 required by state law.

IPR first reported about this on August 1, when I wrote

According to a field report by one of the Libertarian petitioners on the ground in West Virginia, as of tonight’s final turn-in of signatures by petitioners to the campaign, the LP gathered only around 12,000 raw signatures, falling short of the 15,118 required by state law.

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