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Horner and Penny Editorial: Americans Should Do “Big Things”

Tom Horner was the 2010 gubernatorial candidate of the Minnesota Independence Party, scoring 11.9% in that race. Tim Penny is a former Democratic Congressman and Independence Party candidate for Governor in 2002, when he received 16% of the vote. The two penned an editorial in the Star Tribune, a major newspaper in Minnesota, calling for Americans to demand that their politicians do “big things”.… Read more ...

Tim Penny Speaks Out On Governor Dayton’s Cabinet

An excerpt from the Minneapolis Star-Tribune:

DFL Gov. Mark Dayton is “picking smart and credible people, and that’s a necessary and important first step to governing well,” said Penny, the former congressman and Independence Party candidate for governor in 2002 who now heads the Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation.

“This is as good a cabinet as we’ve seen since Ventura, largely because, like Ventura, Dayton has gone outside the realm of politicians and insiders.

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