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Virgil Goode Profiled by Time Magazine’s Swampland Blog

Virgil Goode has been campaigning almost exclusively in Virginia while the petitioning for his campaign was being done in that state. This blog post from The Swampland, a popular political blog run by Time Magazine.

Virgil Goode glides through the doors of a McDonald’s in Farmville, VA, at 11:52 am and instantly three construction workers in the back booth rise to their feet.  

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Libertarian Wayne Root Quoted in Time Magazine

Time magazine, and it’s not-so secret progressive Editors and writers chose to quote Wayne Root on Obama.

They quote from Wayne’s recent article ‘Obama – the Great Jobs Killer.’

Pg 14 of July 19th edition of Time: “It’s time to call Obama what he is: The Great Jobs Killer.Read more ...

Wayne Root: ‘Time Magazine’s Big Blunder: The Ben Bernanke Travesty’

Ben Bernanke is “Disaster of the Century”… NOT “Person of the Year”

Ron Paul Should be Time’s “Person of the Year”

By Wayne Allyn Root and Rick Williams

You can usually count on Time magazine to get things backwards, and they missed in a big way with their selection of Ben Bernanke as “Person of the Year” for 2009.… Read more ...