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Radio: Paulie Cannoli, Todd Andrew Barnett, Jim Davidson and more

From Liberty Cap Talk Live

Liberty Cap Talk Live Episode 93: The GM Bailout, Obama’s Plan to Release Gitmo Detainees, Obama’s Cabinet Picks, and More In the ninety-third episode, Todd and Jim ask panelists Peace, Freedom, and Prosperity Movement founder James Cox, Next Free Voice blogger and Libertarian Party activist Paulie Cannoli, and Boston Tea Party of Kansas Chairman Jim Davidson and on Obama’s pick for his cabinet, the GM bailout, and Obama’s release of the Gitmo detainees.

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Boston Tea Party adopts Campaign for Liberty four point program, elects new officers

The Boston Tea Party is having its convention, as IPR previously reported. In the interest of disclosure, two of the at-large candidates (Tom Knapp and Neil Stephenson) also write for IPR.

Here is a press release from party founder Tom Knapp sent to contact.ipr@gmail.com on behalf of the party:

Midway into its second biennial convention — held entirely online — America’s new libertarian political party has chosen a new slate of national officers, adopted the program of “the Ron Paul R3VOLution,” and partially completed work on amendments to its bylaws.

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Todd Andrew Barnett delivers keynote speech to online Boston Tea Party convention

Posted at http://www.bostontea.us/node/373.

IPR’s previous coverage of tonight’s BTP convention is here. The convention will continue to take place tonight and tomorrow until 9 PM Eastern time. Those who are interested in voting may still join the party (and thus become voting delegates) while the convention is underway.

I have a few thoughts on tonight’s convention as well as my endorsements that I’d like to share with everyone, and I think this is the best time to do it.

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Charles Jay slams BTP Chairman Jim Davidson; Florida BTP disaffiliates from national

“I didn’t involve myself in all of this to play in a sandbox with children,” says Charles Jay, in reference to internal disputes within the Boston Tea Party.

“This stuff is getting more ridiculous with each passing day,” Jay continues. “Apparently [National Chairman Jim] Davidson feels he has the right to monitor private conversations that take place between BTP Florida members, including those that exclusively concern my campaign, and has accused those who wish to speak freely with others as being ‘conspirators’ in a ‘secretive cabal.’… Read more ...

George Phillies media appearances

George Phillies, a Libertarian Presidential candidate currently on the ballot in NH, will be on TV — broadcast is Sunday


George Phillies interviewed by Todd Andrew Barnett and James Landrith 6PM Friday


In the eighty-eighth episode, Todd and Jim asks panelists LP presidential candidate George Phillies, LP activist Lidia Seebeck and her husband blogger Michael Seebeck, and The Liberty Conspiracy talk radio show host Gardner Goldsmith on topics such as Gard’s firing from 107.7 WPTL The Pulse, Bob Barr’s declining candidacy, the fall of the LP, the domestic and worldwide financial crisis (including the bailouts), and the never-ending McCain/Obama saga.

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Boston Tea Party Vice Chair Todd Andrew Barnett condemns Landham

New Baltimore, MI — Boston Tea Party Vice-Chair candidate Todd Andrew Barnett, who’s currently serving as the Boston Tea Party’s Vice-Chairman, condemns the racist, anti-Arab remarks made by Kentuckian Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate Sonny Landham. In the days following the racial epiphets first given by Landham to Courier-Journal columnist Joseph Gerth who broke the story on the candidate’s anti-Arab comments, Barnett blasts the former actor-turned-standard bearer of the LP’s U.S.… Read more ...

Barnett seeks re-election as BTP vice-chair

Todd Andrew Barnett, the current vice-chairman of the Boston Tea Party, will seek re-election in October.

Earlier we reported that Jason Gatties — who, like Barnett is from Michigan — would be seeking the post.

Party chairman Jim Davidson will not be seeking re-election. Rumor has it that Chris Bennett — who has publicly stated his intention to leave the LP in November — is considering running for chair.… Read more ...

Boston Tea Party nominates Jay/Knapp ticket

The Boston Tea Party has its presidential ticket: Charles Jay and Thomas Knapp.

Jay, who ran for president in 2004 under the Personal Choice Party banner, won the BTP’s presidential nomination with 76% of the vote. None of the Above finished second with 24%, and Robert Milnes finished third with 14%.… Read more ...

Suspected fraud in BTP online convention voting

posted at Last Free Voice by ElfNinosMom

In the Boston Tea Party’s online convention, there is some very serious concern about fraudulent voting.

It appears that some people may be creating multiple accounts – one seems to have as many as 12 accounts from the same IP – so they can vote multiple times; it appears those votes were cast for “None of the Above”, causing a situation wherein the top candidate for the VP slot was tied with NOTA.… Read more ...