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Steve Scheetz, Candidate for LPPA Chair, Provides Update on Pennsylvania Situation

Email from Steve Scheetz:

So Tom has a convention committee in name only.  Of the young men involved, one, Nicholas Hillman (former Bucks County Chair) told me that Tom did his thing, and never bothered to listen to the committee, or any suggestions made by any members therein.

Recently he told Betsy Summers, Eastern Vice Chair, after her notice of an emergency board meeting independent of Tom Stevens that he would drop all of his responsibilities regarding the convention and leave it for Betsy to clean up.… Read more ...

Erik Viker Calls For LPPA Board Action Regarding Chair Tom Stevens


This is a formal call for Board action on a violation of the Communications Policy perpetrated by Tom Stevens in his capacity as moderator of an LPPA communication medium.  On 3/27/13, I posted a question to the LPPA group on Facebook, which exists to allow members to communicate about the organization, asking for the latest membership totals in light of the potential impact of recruitment efforts advertised in LPPA channels for a parallel group called the “Pennsylvania Libertarian Alliance.” … Read more ...

Nicholas C. Hillman Resigns As Bucks County, PA Libertarian Party Chair; Brad Cooper Takes The Helm

The following was posted today on Liberty Lion, the blog of Dr. Tom Stevens: 

On March 27, 2013, Nicholas C. Hillman posted the following note to the Libertarian Party of Bucks County Facebook Group:

Due to personal issues, I, Nicholas C. Hillman, LPBC Chair, will be resigning my position, effective 3/28/2013.Read more ...

Manhattan Libertarian Party Formally Invites Dr. Tom Stevens To Re-Join

From Dr. Tom Stevens’s blog, Liberty Lion

On March 8, 2013, Janet Hopf, Manhattan Libertarian Party Chair, sent Dr. Tom Stevens an e-mail, the text of which was the following:

The Manhattan LP committee has voted to officially invite you to re-join our chapter. Please share this email with any interested parties I left off the list.Read more ...

Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania Gets Active Locally and Sees Surge of Support

According to an article on the Westmister Patch website, published January 28th, the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania has been quite busy lately. Specifically, the local Bucks County affiliate has been active in building and expanding its infrastructure. The party has seen a significant increase in the membership numbers. Said PA LP chariman, Dr.… Read more ...

Libertarians Urge Philadelphia DA To Investigate Republican “Watergate-Style” Dirty Tricks

From Pennsylvania LP Chair Dr. Tom Stevens:

More than a half dozen contractors paid by Libertarians to gather nominating petition signatures have independently reported that a private investigator hired by Republicans offered them substantial sums of money to testify in court that they had obtained signatures fraudulently. This appears to have been part of the attempt by Republicans to disqualify thousands of signatures in a Philadelphia court hearing, thus forcing Governor Gary Johnson, Libertarian candidate for President, and the other statewide Libertarian candidates off the November ballot.… Read more ...

Objectivist Party Purges Officer for Christian Beliefs

Via Liberty Lion:

On January 27, 2012, the Governing Board of the Objectivist Party accepted the resignation of Ronald S. Ramo as Treasurer of the Objectivist Party of New York and terminated his membership in the Objectivist Party.

Dallwyn Merck, a member of the Governing Board, commented on these actions as follows:

“Two incidents involving “conspicuous displays of ignorance” led to the Governing Board’s unanimous acceptance of the resignation of Ron Ramo as OPNY Treasurer.… Read more ...

Sloan: Who Are the Five?

From an article at Tom Stevens’ blog, “Liberty Lion”:

Sam Sloan Demands Carla Howell Release The Names Of The 5 Libertarian National Committee Members Who Voted In Favor Of Listing Each Of The Other LP Presidential Candidates At LP.ORG.

Sam Sloan, an announced Libertarian Party Presidential Candidate, who met all the published criteria for being listed on the national party’s website at lp.org

Read more ...

LP Prez Candidates Now Need ‘Approval’

Carla Howell, LP Executive Director, Tells Sam Sloan All Libertarian Party Presidential Candidates Now Need The Approval Of 5 LNC Members To Be Listed At LP.ORG

From an article at Tom Stevens’ blog, “Liberty Lion”:
There are four published criteria for declared Libertarian Party Presidential Candidates to be listed on the national party’s website at lp.org
Read more ...

Sam Sloan Announces For Libertarian Party Presidential Nomination

According to an email and blog post by Dr. Tom Stevens, Sam Sloan (aka Haji Mojahammed Ismail Sloan) has announced that he is seeking the Libertarian Party presidential nomination.

Sloan unsuccessfully sought the party’s nomination for Governor of New York in 2010.

According to the blog post at Liberty Lion linked above, Sloan said

“I have decided to become a candidate for President of the United States.… Read more ...

Carl Person Fires Campaign Manager, Apologizes for Bestiality Comments

According to now-fired campaign manager Tom Stevens, Libertarian Party Presidential candidate Carl Person has issued the following statement:

I have terminated Dr. Tom Stevens as my Campaign Manager because of the direction my campaign was going, which was different from the direction I have intended. The material on bestiality published and emphasized by Dr.

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Libertarian Party of Queens County Votes To Boycott NYLP State Convention

Dr. Tom Stevens on his blog (as with all opinionated articles on intra-party controversies, IPR is open to publishing a response should we receive one):

On March 10, 2011, the Executive Committee of the Libertarian Party of Queens County unanimously adopted the following resolution, which contains a “strong recommendation” to LPQC members NOT TO ATTEND the New York Libertarian Party’s State Convention scheduled to be held on Saturday, April 30, 2011 in Suffolk County:

The New York Libertarian Party and its State Committee continues to disrespect the Queens Libertarian Party, its largest and most active chapter and has rejected out-of-hand the many compromises that have been offered to heal the growing rift between the two organizations.Read more ...