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Posts tagged as “tom woods”

Reason Magazine: Inside the Mises Caucus Takeover of the Libertarian Party

Earlier today Reason Magazine published the following 31 minute video documentary of the “Reno Reset.”

Those interviewed by Reason Magazine editor-at-large Nicholas Gillespie include, in order of appearance: LNC Chair Angela McArdle, former Congressman Justin Amash, Scott Horton, former LNC Chair Nicholas Sarwark, Randyn Tarnoff, Michael Heise, Dave Smith, Jeremy Kauffman, Brianna Coyle, Tom Woods, Avens O’Brien, and 2020 LP VPOTUS nominee Spike Cohen.… Read more ...

Photos from the Libertarian Party of Illinois state convention

The following pictures were taken by me on September 21st and 22nd, 2013, at the Libertarian Party of Illinois annual state convention held in Holiday Inn in Bolingbrook.

Convention program

Bumper sticker

Car in parking lot

Legalize now


Table inside convention hall

Dr.… Read more ...