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Libertarian Party: Oppose phony trade deals like TPP, embrace real free and open trade

Press Release via the Libertarian Party:

Secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership trade bill lets foreign governments and foreign special interests control American medical care, banking, the Internet, and even civil liberties

Republicans howled when Nancy Pelosi famously said, “We have to pass [Obamacare] so that you can find out what is in it.”… Read more ...

Green Shadow Cabinet: Comment: TPP report raises serious questions about inequality and trade policy

September 26, 2013

Richard McIntyre, U.S. Trade Representative

As the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) talks continue behind closed doors, the case for the trade deal becomes more and more untenable. Reviews of the impacts of past free trade pacts, as well as modelling of the TPP, paint a grim picture of lower labor standards and greater inequality.

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