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George Donnelly seeks to turn over Transparency Caucus, other Libertarian Party projects

In I’ve Evolved … into an Anarchist, George Donnelly writes, in part:

I’ll be phasing out my participation in political organizations, in order to consistently align my actions with my values. Here’s my todo list:

* Study the works of authors such as Lysander Spooner, Samuel Edward Konkin III and Murray Rothbard.

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Libertarian Party Transparency Caucus debate

Members of the Libertarian Party Transparency Caucus are debating the controversy between chair Bill Redpath and Political Director Sean Haugh.

West Virginia LP chair Matt Harris writes,

I think we need to issue a release in support of Bill Redpath. A big part of Haugh’s assault was that Redpath chose to deal with the Keaton matter openly and in public.

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LP Transparency Caucus: answers on resolution for open process for filling LNC vacancies

George Donnelly writes at LPTC.org

I have received the following feedback from this.

– Several new members.

– A couple terse emails from LNC Rep Dan Karlan, who claims that the third paragraph of the resolution is “flatly wrong”.

– A thank you from LNC Alt Rep Jake Porter.

– The following email from LNC Rep Mark Hinkle (which contradicts Mr Karlan):

There is a vote ongoing to fill the vacancy, but there are other nominees that have also been submitted.

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Libertarian Party Transparency Caucus resolution authorizing the “My LP” project

The LP Transparency caucus passed the following resolution by a vote of 4-2:

Whereas the LP Transparency Caucus seeks to build greater engagement between the membership and the leadership of the national party, for a more cohesive Libertarian Party that transcends ideological battles;

Whereas party documents of interest to the membership such as meeting agendas, the LNC Policy Manual, budget and other reports, executive committee meeting minutes and pre-2004 minutes can not be found on the LP website;

Whereas there is an urgent need to promptly provide information about the administration of the party to its members so that they may play an active role in the running of the party, thus making for a more effective and accountable LP; and

Whereas members of the caucus have the technical skills, resources and commitment necessary to fill this gap: now therefore, be it

Resolved, the LP Transparency Caucus authorizes the formation of the “My LP” project to publish a website for use by LP members which will enable them to access party information, discuss it and provide feedback to their representatives and appoints George Donnelly as project leader.

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LP Transparency Caucus calls for open process in filling LNC At Large seat vacated by Angela Keaton

Posted at the LP Transparency Caucus website.

Whereas the LP Transparency Caucus has been founded in the hopes of fostering a cohesive Libertarian Party where members of all factions can participate knowing that decisions are made in the sunshine – not the dark – by fostering greater openness and accountability in the running of the national Libertarian Party;

Whereas Angela Keaton resigned her At-Large Representative seat on the Libertarian National Committee (LNC) on December 8;

Whereas it has been reported that the LNC is currently considering only one candidate to fill the vacancy created by Ms Keaton’s resignation;

Whereas multiple candidates have expressed interest in being considered for the vacancy; and

Whereas the party is best served by an open, competitive and fair selection process: now therefore, be it

Resolved, the LP Transparency Caucus strongly urges LNC members to publicly solicit candidates for the vacancy and hold an open election.

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Libertarians gain victory for government transparency in NJ

Transparency makes for good government, posted in the Daily Journal. Thanks to Chris Cole for forwarding to contact.ipr@gmail.com

Democracy works best when the public is informed and has access to government information.

An open government is transparent, which allows citizens access to public meetings and public records to find out how elected and appointed officials conduct business and spend taxpayers’ money.

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Libertarian Party Transparency Caucus forming

Posted at Next Free Voice by Matt Harris and at IPR by Paulie. To avoid editorializing, which is against IPR site policy, I will confine my additional thoughts to the comment section, except to add A) that two out of four of us so far like the name “Sunshine Caucus” better and B) a very rudimentary website exists, but we want to make a good first impression, so (realizing that it opens us up to the charge of hypocrisy) we are not linking it here yet, but will share it with those who actually want to help develop it first (email us, or, if you don’t have any of our email addresses, write contact.ipr@gmail.com… Read more ...