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Posts tagged as “transparency”

NJ Libertarian Party Activist Compels Officials to Obey Law

From an article by Linda Moss published in The Montclair Times (and on, Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Most of the 21 Montclair officials who were reported to the state for failing to file Financial Disclosure Statements have now handed in those documents, according to the Township Clerk’s Office.… Read more ...

Peter LaVenia, co-chair of NY State Green Party: ‘Let a thousand Wikileaks bloom’

From Dissident Voice (read the full thing here):

Wikileaks is the most important thing to happen to the cause of democratic rule since the multitude of grassroots uprisings in 1968. Even sympathetic commentators miss the fundamentally radical threat to the existence of the bureaucratic state it represents; Wikileaks is most powerful contemporary weapon in the arsenal of radical, grassroots transparency advocates and democrats.

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EU Pirate Party MP Storms Out of Secretive ACTA Negotiations over Transparency Issues


From the Register:

The level of secrecy shrouding the EU’s ACTA negotiations reached new heights earlier this week, with the news that Pirate Party MEP Christian Engstrom felt compelled to abandon a meeting with ACTA negotiators in the European Parliament after he was forbidden from sharing information with the public.

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Ralph Nader sent letters to all fifty Governors asking them to put state financial data on the web

Found at

The Associated Press

TRENTON, N.J. – One Republican lawmaker wants to make it easier for taxpayers to follow the money.

Sen. Joe Pennacchio is sponsoring a proposal to create an easy-to-use Web site allowing New Jerseyans to view the state’s revenues, expenditures and debt.

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