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Trevor Lyman: ‘An Idea For Gary Johnson RE: The Presidential Debates’

Trevor Lyman at Liberty Crier:

Gary Johnson needs a well produced video that includes his responses to last night’s debate questions.

With a re-cut version of the debates in hand, and with the help of the campaign, we could embark on a “liberty-movement-wide” PR blitz, telling all our friends and family that there is in fact a viable alternative to Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, and that Gary Johnson should be included in the debates!

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Two Presidential candidates confirmed for debate in DC on Thursday, October 23

Free and Equal, the group that originally planned to have an alternative Presidential debate in New York City on October 19, has now confirmed Ralph Nader and Chuck Baldwin for a debate on October 23 in DC.

Contact: Christina Tobin, 312-320-4101

This morning, Christina Tobin, Director of Free and Equal, announced an Independent/Third Party Presidential Debate, which will take place on Thursday evening at 9:00pm EST on October 23 in Washington DC at the Mayflower Renaissance Hotel.

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Another update on third party Presidential debate proposals

The following press release was sent to IPR from Free and Equal

Free & Equal Elections Coalition
230 E. Ohio St., Ste. 212
Chicago, IL 60611

Attn: Politics Editors, Campaign 2008 Editors, National Editor

Third Party Presidential Debate to Take Place on Thursday, October 23rd

Contact: Christina Tobin, 312-320-4101

The Independent/Third Party Presidential Debate to have been held in New York at Columbia University on Sunday Oct.

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Update on third party Presidential debate proposals

UPDATE @ 1706 Central Time

We received another call from Christopher Thrasher, quoted in the story below. There will not be a debate at Columbia University, and he is no longer with Free and Equal. He will be releasing a statement and providing details later.

An NY Times article quoted at

Free and Equal indicates that

Ralph Nader, who is on the ballot in 45 states as an independent candidate, has indicated he will show up (at the Free and Equal debate).

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Third Party Presidential debate: when and where, if at all?

Ballot Access News reports

The proposed Baldwin-McKinney-Nader debate that had been planned for Sunday evening, October 19, is very unlikely to happen. It seems that none of the candidates who were originally invited (including Bob Barr, and on a theoretical basis, the major party nominees) had really committed and really wanted to participate.

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Have you pledged yet?

The hours are ticking down if you want to pledge your support to Thirdpartyticket.com. If 10,000 pledges are made by October 10th, the same man who planned the Ron Paul moneybombs will host a debate for all candidates for president on enough ballots to win the Electoral College. Right now there are just over 8,800 pledges.… Read more ...

New video from ThirdPartyTicket.com asks that Nader, Barr, Baldwin and McKinney be included in the debates

Trevor Lyman’s http://thirdpartyticket.com has released this new video. ThirdPartyTicket now has over 30,00 visitors and almost 7,500 pledges out of 10,000 needed to stage a more inclusive Presidential debate in New York City. They are trying to collect the remaining pledges by November 8. Lyman previously staged “money” bombs which collected $6 million and $4 million for Ron Paul per day.… Read more ...

Salt Lake City Weekly covers the race for third

From the Salt Blog

The third party presidential candidates are escalating their campaigns to fight exclusion and garner mainstream attention. A common thread within these candidates is their opposition to the Wall Street bailout package.

Ralph Nader, Independent candidate, has been particularly busy. Before the debate, supporters were encouraged to “hack” the debate with online comments questioning Nader’s exclusion.

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Ralph Nader endorses ThirdPartyTicket.com

Independent candidate Ralph Nader has endorsed Trevor Lyman’s proposed alternative debate, joining Constitution Party candidate Chuck Baldwin:

Trevor Lyman is the man who organized the Ron Paul money bombs.

One Lyman money bomb raised $4 million in one day.

Another raised $6 million in one day.

Now, Lyman is at it again.

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Baldwin campaign on board with Thirdpartyticket.com

An email to Chuck Baldwin‘s supporters:

Dear Baldwin Supporter,

Did watching the first  Obama/ McCain presidential debate leave you wondering how Americans could possibly choose either one of these die-hard socialists?

If you’re like millions of Americans who realize ‘the fix is in’ on limiting the debates to the 2 evils we’re told we have to choose between…well, now’s your chance to force the issue and tell mainstream media: ‘Your monopoly has just been broken… our candidate will get to debate and here’s how: http://www.thirdpartyticket.com/

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Trevor Lyman’s ThirdPartyTicket.com more than half way to 10,000 pledge goal for organizing alternative Presidential debates

Trevor Lyman is more than half way towards his goal of raising 10,000 pledges to stage a debate with all the candidates who are on enough state ballots to have a mathematical chance of winning the election. Lyman is previously known for organizing Ron Paul’s money bombs. Currently, ThirdPartyTicket.com lists the number of people who have pledged to help fund the proposed alternative debate as follows:

9/29/08 – 5,782 pledges
9/28/08 – 4,695 pleges
9/27/08 – 702 pledges

Lyman proposes to hold the debate at a yet to be announced location in New York City.… Read more ...

Trevor Lyman attempts to hold a presidential debate, changes thirdpartyticket.com

Trevor Lyman, the man who organized the Ron Paul moneybombs, is trying to organize a debate for all of the presidential candidates who will appear on enough ballots to win. Ralph Nader, Chuck Baldwin, Bob Barr, Cynthia McKinney, Barack Obama, and John McCain will all be invited.… Read more ...