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Starchild: Proposed resolution of Libertarian support for Julian Assange and WikiLeaks

Starchild comments on a previous press release by the Libertarian Party supporting Julian Assange, Bradley Manning and WikiLeaks:

What paulie said — anti-TSA and pro-WikiLeaks! Both of these issues represent key tests of government power against civil liberties, one related to the First Amendment protections of freedom and speech and of the press, the other related to the Fourth Amendment protections from unreasonable search and seizure.… Read more ...

LP Blog: Pilot suing TSA gave libertarian-sounding speech at EPIC conference

Posted by Wes Benedict at LP blog:

Michael Roberts, the airline pilot who helped raise public awareness of the full-body scanner program, gave a very libertarian-sounding speech at a recent conference. The text of Mr. Robert’s speech follows.

Michael RobertsOn January 6, I participated in a panel at a conference hosted by the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) in Washington, DC entitled, The Stripping of Freedom: A Careful Scan of TSA Security Procedures.Read more ...

[LP Blog:] TSA: Airport Security is Impossible says William Stone III

Posted by Mark Hinkle at LP blog:

The concept of “airport security” is actually Access Control.  ”Access Control” is a catch-all concept that basically boils down to the idea of controlling who can’t get into a particular area and who can’t. Being stuck at airport security is something that everyone goes through.… Read more ...

Wes Benedict: “I wish more Democrats and Republicans took our Constitution and Bill of Rights seriously”


Wes Benedict, Executive Director of the Libertarian National Committee, recently gave a speech at a conference entitled “The Stripping of Freedom: A Careful Scan of TSA Security Procedures.” The Libertarian Party blog has republished Benedict’s comments in full.

Given at “The Stripping of Freedom: A Careful Scan of TSA Security Procedures”
January 6, 2011
Carnegie Institute for Sciences, 1530 P Street NW, Washington, DC

I’d like to thank the Electronic Privacy Information Center for putting together this conference and for pulling together a diverse group of panelists.… Read more ...

Libertarian John Jay Myers: ‘The Forest, the Trees, and the TSA’

Originally posted on LewRockwell.com, by John Jay Myers:

With all the naked viewing and groping going on, I wonder if this is the United States of America or the back room of an adult video store. We have two major problems here, the TSA and their intrusive unconstitutional invasions of our rights, and the bigger question of why are we turning into a police state.… Read more ...

Libertarian press release: National Opt-Out Day activities at San Francisco International Airport

[Note: For an interactive map, with a state-by-state list of demos, go to wewontfly.com]


National Opt-Out Day activities at San Francisco International Airport

WHO: Those opposed to invasive TSA screening practices that threaten liberty, privacy, and health.

WHAT: Press conference, handing out literature, waving signs, and car caravan, at San Francisco International airport.

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Wayne Root: TSA: The Three Worst Letters in the English Language

 Privatize and Profile: Two Simple Solutions to Solve the TSA National Security Mess.

 By Wayne Allyn Root, former Libertarian Vice Presidential Nominee and Best-Selling author of “The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gold & Tax Cuts.”

 Usually creeps go to prison for feeling up women and young children.… Read more ...

The ultimate update: Naked scanners, TSA, National Opt-Out Day, and the third party point-of-view

Lists at top. Expanded excerpts below.

For information on the Wednesday, November 24, 2010 (day before Thanksgiving) National Opt-Out Day: Optoutday website, Wewontfly website, or Fedupfliers website.

What are the latest incidents alarming the public about these new security procedures?:

-A child whose pacifier set off the machines at the Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport was taken out of sight of his mother to be screened.… Read more ...

Nader: TSA is delivering naked insecurity

Excerpt from an opinion piece published in USA Today, and sent out to Nader’s e-mail announcement list:

TSA is delivering naked insecurity
by Ralph Nader

To airline passengers: Get ready for naked insecurity.

To the Department of Homeland Security: If you thought this week was bad, brace yourself for a tsunami of protests in the days ahead.

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Libertarian Party of Georgia opposes TSA’s use of full body scanners

Sent to contact.ipr@gmail.com:

November 18, 2010 (ATLANTA) - In response to the recent debate  
surrounding the Transportation Security Administration?s use of Whole  
Body Image (WBI) scanners, as well as the two cases already recently  
filed against the TSA by the Electronic Privacy Information Center  
(EPIC) and the Rutherford Institute, the Libertarian Party of Georgia  
announces today their public opposition to the TSA?s decision to use  
these devices in our nation?s airports.
Read more ...

NJ Libertarian Party plans Opt-Out demo at Newark Airport

(excerpt from) Newsday
Holiday travelers’ choice: body scan or pat-down?

by Keith Herbert / November 17, 2010

The New Jersey Libertarian Party is planning a demonstration at Newark Liberty International Airport, Terminal B, on Wednesday evening and will hand out literature explaining that people may choose pat-downs rather than go through body scanners.

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Bob Barr: ‘Michael Roberts, Express Jet Pilot, For President in 2012’

Bob Barr in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

For the past year, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and its parent, the Department of Homeland Security, along with Members of Congress from both parties and the Obama Administration, have been demanding Americans give up our basic civil liberties and our fundamental right to privacy, by submitting to a full-body scan — amounting to a virtual strip search – simply because we need to fly on a commercial airliner.… Read more ...