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Only 29% of US Population (42% of registered voters) Participated in 2010 Mid-Term Elections

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ST. LOUIS, Nov. 4 — According to the Associated Press, 90 million Americans — only 42% of registered voters — pulled the lever for a congressional candidate on Tuesday. That’s just a hair under 29% of the US population of 310.6 million.

“So much for the consent of the governed,” says Thomas L.… Read more ...

American Conservative Party: ‘Now What?-the ACP in 2011’

Forwarded to IPR by Don Lake:

Last night was a fantastic night for America.

Record turnouts all over the country…a decided swing from the Progressive Democrats in the direction of the (mostly) Progressive Republicans.

There were a few that made it in, though, that might not play ball…Rand Paul from Kentucky, just might not work so well with the Big Government ruling class, and Jim Demint has proven he is willing to buck the status quo.… Read more ...

Sarah Palin Endorses Tom Tancredo

This is late breaking news. See the PPS:

First, I want to tell you the latest.  With one day to go we remain in a statistical dead heat with the tax and spend, pro-amnesty Hickenlooper.  It’s just remarkable!  Hickenlooper has spent over $4 million in his campaign and we just broke $1 million last week.… Read more ...

Mountain Party Primary Turnout is Better than Primary Turnout for Either Major Party in West Virginia

Ballot Access News:

On August 28, West Virginia held primary elections for the Democratic, Republican and Mountain Parties for U.S. Senate. Preliminary election returns are available on the Secretary of State’s web page here. So far, the Mountain Party has the best turnout. Only 13% of registered Democrats appear to have cast a vote in the Democratic primary; only 15% of the registered Republicans in the Republican primary; but 21% of the Mountain Party registrants turned out to vote in the Mountain Party primary.… Read more ...