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Libertarian Candidate Chuck Donovan Slams Isakson’s Record In Two New TV Commercials

ATLANTA, GA – October 28, 2010 – Chuck Donovan, Georgia’s Libertarian candidate for U.S Senate, announces the publishing of two new TV and radio ads. The ads were produced by Athens, GA based Green Room International Productions, LLC (GRIP), a Terrapin Blue company. They may be sampled at Chuck Donovan’s YouTube Channel, “Donovan4Senate”.… Read more ...

Warren Redlich campaign: ‘Debate Night – Microbrewery version’

Posted by IPR reader Be Rational in comments on a previous post:

Warren Redlich is on the way to breaking the 50,000 vote barrier.

Warren on Facebook:

Warren at the Debate:

From the Libertarian Donors Club letter:

Warren Redlich NY Governor 50,000 votes http://wredlich.com/ny/

New York is an important state in the eyes of the media and has a large population.… Read more ...

Ben Manski, Green candidate for WI legislature, puts ad on TV

It’s rare for a third party candidate to get an ad on television, and even rarer for one to do so in a race that’s not for federal or even statewide office.  However, as election day approaches, the chances of a Green victory for Ben Manski are looking greater and greater. … Read more ...

LNC Chair candidate Mark Hinkle raises funds for No on Prop 14 TV Ad campaign

Email from Mark Hinkle:

Dear Libertarian allies,

My friend June Genis, a long long time Libertarian, is mounting a grassroots effort to buy TV ADS to expose the lies behind Prop 14 on the June 8th primary ballot.

The Libertarian Party of California is a conducting a tele-marketing campaign to reach registered libertarians, but we also need to reach voters and TV is one of the best way to do that on a massive scale.… Read more ...

June Genis: Time running out to get Anti-Prop 14 ads on the air

There is still a chance that we may be able to buy some more of the Green/P&F type cable TV ads but time is running out. It will take 2 days to produce an LP version (although at this point I personally don’t care whose names are on them).

If people will pledge money (please indicate if you’re willing to use the Green or P&F versions or require an LP version) please send me you pledges at junegenis@gmail.comRead more ...

Libertarian, Peace and Freedom and Green Parties create ads to stop Prop 14

From the Libertarian Party:

H/T Michael Seebeck in comments on a previous post.Produced by Adrian Galysh. As far as we know, it has not been used in broadcast media, at least yet.

Ballot Access News reports that the Green and Peace and Freedom Parties parties put these on cable channels CNN, Headline News, and MSNBC.… Read more ...