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Gov. Gary Johnson responds to Iowa Caucus results

GaryJohnson 2012Press Release from Gary Johnson 2016:

Gov. Gary Johnson responds to Iowa Caucus results

February 1, 2016, Santa Fe, NM – Gov. Gary Johnson, Libertarian candidate for President, responds to the results of the Iowa Caucus:

“To no one’s surprise, the Republican who emerged from the Iowa Caucuses did so under a banner of social intolerance and carpet bombing.

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Australia’s Rap News on US Politics: ‘The Two Party Dictatorship That’s Arisen Under the Iron Fist of the Republicrat System’

Australia’s Rap News takes a jaundiced look at US politics, comparing it to middle eastern tyrannies and saying the American people need to be liberated from “this fascist prison and the two party dictatorship that’s arisen under the iron fist of the Republicrat system, preventing democracy and fair elections as well, siphoning massive wealth to a banking cartel..”… Read more ...

David Brooks and Arianna Huffington argue that ‘the two party system is making America ungovernable’

In an Intelligence^2 debate, Arianna Huffington and David Brooks argued in favor of the resolution, “the two party system is making America ungovernable,” while Zev Chafets and P.J. O’Rourke argued against it.  The entire debate, along with accompanying information, can be viewed here.

Interestingly – aside from how interesting the debate itself and the fact that it’s a group of people from the mainstream media talking about this – a poll of the audience was conducted before and after the debate. … Read more ...

John Jay Myers: Post-election wrap up

Posted by John Jay Myers on facebook. Myers ran as a Libertarian against Pete Sessions (R) in TX-32.

Official release:

“Thank you to all donors and volunteers! John Jay Myers raised more than any other Libertarian candidate in the 32nd district with over $7200, and he received the highest percentage of any Libertarian candidate in the district’s history.… Read more ...

North Carolina Libertarians ‘Bloody But Unbowed’

Liberty Point:

Libertarian candidates consider election defeats a learning experience, prepare for the next election.

Although the results of the 2010 election were a disappointment for North Carolina’s Libertarian candidates because they were not elected, several consider it a very good learning experience and preparation for future campaigns.

Dr. Mike Beitler, Libertarian candidate for U.S.… Read more ...

Nader: Bloomberg Presidential Candidacy Would “Blow the Whole Two-Party System Apart”

From the Political Wire via TPID:

“I see a looming giant on the horizon for 2012… you better try to get an interview with him because if he runs, it is not only a three way race, he’s going to blow the whole two party system apart.”

— Ralph Nader, in an interview on the Fox Business Network, on New York City Michael Bloomberg possibly running as an independent candidate for president.… Read more ...

Boston Tea Party national committee chair Darryl Perry: ‘The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same’

Email from Darryl Perry, Chair, Boston Tea Party National Committee:

It’s that time again. The time that rolls around every two years; when men and women spend outrageous amounts of money telling us why they should be chosen to serve in Congress. They say outrageous things to “scare” you into believing that their opponent is either the devil-incarnate or the rebirth of Hitler, Stalin or any other number of bad “rulers” from times past.… Read more ...

Independents: the Major Parties are Part of the Problem not the Solution

Independent candidates for Congress across the country are making the case that the Democratic and Republican parties are part of the problem, not the solution.  In Maine’s Augusta Free Press, Chris Graham reports:

Republicans are talking tough on federal spending and the national debt right now, but where we they just a few years ago when they had control of Congress and the White House?

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3rd Party activists meet in Minneapolis

Report sent to contact.ipr@gmail.com by Michael Calvan RN. No changes have been made to the text.

Last week there was a meeting of Third Party activists in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss and strategize on building an effective electoral resistance to the current pro-war, corporate corrupted two party system.

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