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LNC Expected To Elect New Secretary From Among Five Nominees Next Weekend

Under a process recently approved by the LNC

(by an 11-0 vote as follows: Yes: Adams, Ebke, Hagan, Hewitt, Hogarth, Longstreth, Luchini, Nekhaila, Phillips, Raudsep, Sarwark.  No: none.  Abstaining / not voting: Bilyeu, Bowen, Moellman, Nanna, Smith)

nominations to fill the vacant LP/LNC Secretary position closed at midnight Eastern Time on 28 November 2021. … Read more ...

Oregon Secretary of State and LPO Respond to Filing of Candidates by Reeves Group

Danger Drama alert

Posted to the Libertarian Party of Oregon’s Facebook page
August 27, 2014


Republican Congressional Candidates Submit False Filings; Attempt to Obtain Libertarian Party Nominations By Deception

Wilsonville, Ore – August 27th, 2014 — The Libertarian Party of Oregon(LPO) has learned that US Congressional candidates Jason Yates, Republican, District 1, and James Buchal, Republican, District 3, submitted false certificates of nomination to the Oregon Secretary of State’s office.

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Lawyer for Wagner Group Sends Letter to SOS Re: Tyler Smith’s Letter Claiming Reeves Group is the Official LPO


The lawyer for the Libertarian Party of Oregon, C. Robert Steringer, has sent a letter to the Secretary of State of that state refuting Tyler Smith’s letter to the SOS, which was dated 2-19-2014. In the Smith letter, Tyler Smith asks the Secretary of State to recognize Tim Reeves and his group as the official leaders of the LPO.… Read more ...

Reeves Faction Attorney in OR LP Lawsuit Featured in Article About OR GOP Snafu

An article involving Tyler Smith, counsel for the Reeves group in the Oregon LP lawsuit, is discussed in this article about the Oregon Republican Party.

Here is the article:  Oregon Republican Party Must Conform to State Law

There is a rebuttal posted as a hyperlink in the article:   Tyler Smith’s  rebuttal .… Read more ...