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White Nationalist Billy Roper Defends 2020 Presidential Candidate Joe Wendt

White nationalist Billy Roper, former member of the National Alliance, founder of the now-defunct White Revolution, and current coordinator of The Shieldwall Network, defended 2020 Reform Party presidential candidate Joe Wendt, who represented Roper in Roper’s 2012 campaign for the Boston Tea Party’s (BTP) presidential nomination.  Wendt has given various excuses for his participation in Roper’s campaign: claiming it was someone else with a similar name, that he had been hacked, that he was pulling a prank on the BTP, a prank on Roper, a practical joke, and, most recently, that he had simply made a mistake,

Before seeking the nomination, Roper’s far right activities and views were well publicized. … Read more ...

Update on 2020 Reform Party Presidential Race

I spoke recently about the state of the Reform Party’s 2020 presidential race with the party’s National Secretary Nicholas Hensley.  According to Hensley, historian Darcy Richardson, an IPR contributor and founder of Uncovered Politics, is still in the running to be the party’s presidential nominee.  Despite a statement in IPR comments last September that he would no longer seek the nomination, Richardson never formally withdrew. … Read more ...

Darcy Richardson: Vowing to Fight On, Reform Party Candidate Promises to ‘Restore Democracy’


By Darcy Richardson, UncoveredPolitics.com, September 6th, 2016:

ORLANDO — Fresh from a 61,000-vote showing in last week’s Democratic U.S. Senate primary in Florida, the colorful “Rocky” Roque De La Fuente has turned his attention to his fledgling third-party bid for the White House — a contest in which the determined political outsider hopes to find himself on the ballot in as many as twenty-five states in November.… Read more ...

Peace & Freedom Party of Florida Endorses Call for Action Opposing U.S./NATO and Israeli War on Syria

Published on Uncovered Politics on July 1, 2013

By Darcy G. Richardson

In keeping with the party’s longstanding opposition to U.S. imperialism and reckless military adventurism, the Peace & Freedom Party of Florida has joined more than 125 other organizations and individuals in endorsing the following joint statement and call for action issued by the ANSWER Coalition (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism) and the United National Antiwar Committee (UNAC):

The White House’s June 13th announcement that it would begin directly supplying arms to the opposition in Syria is a dramatic escalation of the U.S./NATORead more ...

Darcy G. Richardson: ‘You Can’t Push Willie Around, Willie Won’t Go’

‘You Can’t Push Willie Around, Willie Won’t Go’

Published June 12, 2013 on Uncovered Politics 

By Darcy G. Richardson

William Araujo of Edison has successfully fended off a challenge to his nominating petitions — the second such shameful attempt by the New Jersey Democratic State Committee to keep his name off the ballot in the past two months — to qualify for a spot in the November 5th general election as the Peace & Freedom Party’s candidate for governor.… Read more ...

Darcy Richardson: Time Capsule: Trotskyist Fred Halstead, Candidate for President in ’68

By Darcy G. Richardson

Published June 2, 2013


Portrait of Socialist Fred Halstead

Fred W. Halstead, the Socialist Workers Party candidate for president in 1968, died of liver cancer at his home in Los Angeles on this day in 1988.  A longtime civil rights activist and prominent leader in the antiwar movement during the war in Vietnam, Halstead was 61 years old.… Read more ...

The fate of New York’s cross-endorsing parties

Austin Cassidy reports at Uncovered Politics that the New York Taxpayers Party will probably not qualify for a ballot line:

In New York, which allows fusion, it seems that finding statewide results broken down by party is nearly impossible. The state’s Board of Elections certainly doesn’t do it. Their idea of election night reporting is a letter explaining why they won’t bother, because it’s very hard to collect such information and report it.

Read more ...

Charlie Crist update

From http://www.uncoveredpolitics.com/:

Charlie Crist: Ninth on the Ballot, First in Your Heart? by Austin Cassidy:

Charlie Crist supporters will need to do a little extra digging on Tuesday when they head to the polls. Normally, Crist’s name would appear first or second on the ballot as the nominee for the Republican Party.

Read more ...

Zogby Shows Charlie Crist Within Six Points of Republican Rival in Florida; Uncovered Politics Contest

Darcy Richardson at Uncovered Politics:

The poll, conducted between October 18 and October 21, showed Rubio, an early darling of the Tea Party movement, leading with 39.6 percent of the vote to 33.3 percent for Crist, who broke with his party in April to run without party affiliation. Democrat Kendrick Meek, whose candidacy has failed to gain momentum, even among hardcore members of his own party, was languishing in a distant third with a meager 18.1 percent.… Read more ...

Darcy Richardson, Darryl Perry on IPR radio Thursday 9/9…10 pm Eastern Time

…at 10 PM Eastern, 9 PM Central time. IPR blogtalk is http://www.blogtalkradio.com/ind-pol-report.

Darcy Richardson is an author, historian and veteran alternative party and independent political activist, who is in the process of writing a comprehensive seven volume history of the American alternative party and independent political tradition, and is the co-founder of Uncovered Politics.… Read more ...

Florida Newspaper Calls for Four-Way Debates in Gubernatorial Contest

Darcy Richardson at Uncovered Politics:

The Lakeland Ledger called for three statewide debates this fall between Democrat Alex Sink, Republican Rick Scott and independent candidates Lawton “Bud” Chiles and economist Farid A. Khavari of Miami.

In yesterday’s editorial, the Ledger said that all four candidates should have an opportunity to discuss Florida’s future.… Read more ...

Ex-Socialist Candidate for President Polling 200,000 Votes in Florida Democratic Primary for Governor

Darcy Richardson at Uncovered Politics:

Brian P. Moore, the Socialist Party’s candidate for president in 2008, polled more than 200,000 votes in yesterday’s Democratic gubernatorial primary in Florida.

With approximately 92 percent of the statewide precincts reporting, Florida’s Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink was garnering 664,183 votes to 199,623 for Moore, who waged an under-funded and low-key campaign for the state’s highest office.… Read more ...