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Alternative Candidates Uninvited from Massachusetts Debate

From Matt Murphy at the Lowell Sun:

Struggling to gain traction among voters, the three non-party candidates running for governor could face even longer odds as Election Day draws near and their lack of standing in the polls starts to jeopardize their participation in several high-profile events.

Independents Evan Falchuk and Jeffrey McCormick were crying foul Monday after being uninvited to participate in a debate in Worcester Oct.… Read more ...

Evan Falchuk: My Position on the Proposed Kinder Morgan Pipeline

While burning natural gas generates less greenhouse gases than other fossil fuels, Massachusetts already is overly reliant on natural gas for electricity generation. I believe we must work to generate as much of our energy needs as possible here in Massachusetts. Our energy supply must be resilient, diverse, predictable and consistent with our responsibilities under the Global Warming Solutions Act, and aligned with the opportunities of the growing renewable energy sector.… Read more ...

Evan Falchuk Releases New TV Ad on Reducing Cost of Living

From Shira Schoenberg at MassLive.com:

Evan Falchuk, a gubernatorial candidate from the United Independent Party, launched his second round of television and radio ads on Wednesday.

The television ad is a simple spot featuring Falchuk against a white background talking directly into the camera, explaining his position on reducing the cost of living in Massachusetts.… Read more ...

Evan Falchuk: For Any Hope of Broadening Voters’ Choices, We Need a Third Party

The following is a letter sent by Massachusetts gubernatorial candidate Evan Falchuk (United Independent) to the Boston Globe:

In response to the Globe’s July 21 editorial “With unopposed races, Mass. shortchanges democracy,” you’re correct in lamenting the staggeringly high percentage of Massachusetts legislative races this year that will have no opposition.… Read more ...

Evan Falchuk: Veto Expansion of the Boston Convention Center

In light of Governor Patrick’s July 29 announcement that he will be signing a bill authorizing a $1 billion expansion of the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, I reiterate my opposition to this move, which puts massive borrowing by the state for a project with unguaranteed financial return above the very real, day-to-day priorities of so many people in Massachusetts.… Read more ...

iBerkshires: Lt. Gov. Candidate Jennings Calls For Strong Local Partnerships

By Andy McKeever

Angus Jennings says even if he is elected to lieutenant governor, that won’t stop him from being at local public hearings or sitting in with planning boards.

In fact, he says that is what is one of the things is missing from the state administration — a focus on the local governments.… Read more ...

Evan Falchuk to March in Western Mass Puerto Rican Parade

From the candidate’s website:

Evan Falchuk and Angus G. Jennings will be heading to Western Mass for the “28th Anniversary of the Hispanic Family Festival” to march with United Independent Party in the Western Mass Puerto Rican Parade, Sunday July 13th at noon in Holyoke. The parade will kick off from the intersection of Pine Street and Resnic Boulevard at 12pm.… Read more ...

Waltham News Tribune: Governor Candidate Falchuk Challenges Candidates to Take Action on Citizens United

Evan Falcjuk

(The following was originally published in the Waltham News Tribune.)

Evan Falchuk, United Independent Party candidate for governor, is challenging all candidates for governor to take specific action to overturn Citizens United via a Constitutional Convention, and in the process end all spending from Super PACs.

“We have gotten used to hearing political leaders and candidates complain about the excessive influence of big money in politics, but we’ve seen no real action,” Falchuk said.… Read more ...

The Daily Beast: Candidates in Maine, Nebraska, Massachusetts, and Washington, D.C., Challenge Republicans and Democrats Alike

This article in The Daily Beast, written by Linda Killian, profiles independent candidates Jeff McCormick, Jim Jenkins, Nick Troiano, Eliot Cutler, & David Catania, as well as United Independent Party candidate Evan Falchuk. An excerpt:

In 2014, a number of political entrepreneurs who want to change the system are running as independents around the country.… Read more ...

Broadside: Year of the Independents?

Evan                        McCormick

(The following was originally published on NECN.)

Have you noticed that Democrats and Republicans have competition in the Massachusetts governors race?

Independent candidates are crowding the 2014 contest, but two are grabbing attention: Jeff McCormick and Evan Falchuk.

Falchuk is a businessman and founder of the United Independent Party, while McCormick founded the venture capital firm behind a number of companies, including Boston Duck Tours.Read more ...

Commonwealth Magazine: Independent Practice Very Different Politics

(The following was originally published in Commonwealth Magazine.)

THE THREE INDEPENDENT candidates running for governor said on Friday that their candidacies are an attempt to challenge the existing two-party structure and bring an outsider’s perspective to running state government. 

The independents may have similar goals, but their approaches are very different.Read more ...