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Washington Post Columnist Calls for Centrist Third Party Movement

From Matt Miller at the Washington Post via Third Party and Independent Daily:

I’m a Clinton White House alum who had hoped President Obama could usher in the debate we need. It’s hardly all his fault that we’re not there, but I’m convinced the parties’ interest groups and “thought police” make real progress impossible without a new force that shakes things up.

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Update on Americans Elect

Jim Cook reports at Irregular Times that Americans Elect is now listed as a political party with the Nevada Secretary of State. They are currently gathering signatures in Arizona and Nevada through Arno Political Consultants.

Americans Elect is registered as a corporation in every US state, and Kellen Arno is listed as the Secretary of Americans Elect.… Read more ...

Irregular Times reports on Unity12

Articles at Irregular Times looking into the shadowy group “Americans Elect,” AKA “Unity12” (formerly Unity08);

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Before Going Public, Unity12 Task Force Starts Ballot Efforts in California

Maze of Websites Brings Unity12 Operation Back to GOP Consultant Jim Jonas

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