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Meet James Ogle, 2014 Presidential Candidate

Free Parliamentarian James Ogle, creator and self-proclaimed Secretary of the fantasy organization US Parliament filed papers with the Federal Election Commission this past January to run for President of the United States . . . in the 2014 election.

Ogle, who, in his previous presidential campaign, narrowly defeated “Uncommitted” to win the 2012 Missouri Libertarian Primary, is the only candidate seeking the 2014 presidential nomination of the Democratic Party.  Read more ...

LP presidential candidate James Ogle discusses Roseanne Barr & the LP website

IPR talked with Libertarian Party (LP) presidential candidate James Ogle about comedienne Roseanne Barr‘s entry into the race for the Green Party presidential nomination, and the LP’s decision to remove his name from its list of candidates.

Ogle is a self-employed artist seeking the LP nomination. In 1995, he founded a fantasy parliamentary system based on ranked choice voting, which he emphasizes in his campaign.… Read more ...

US Parliament Open Thread

This thread is for all of those who wish to discuss the US Parliament proposal which has frequented IPR comments recently. All comments pertaining to that proposal should be kept within this thread. Comments which deviate from this standard will be removed from the website.

Commenters who consistently post upon a single topic in a variety of threads will face limitations in their ability to post at IPR.… Read more ...