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Boston Globe: Text ‘Aye,’ Matey! The Pirate Party’s Push for Direct Democracy

By Joseph E. Hamilton

On Tuesday, voters in two Massachusetts districts will find Pirates on their ballots for the State House of Representatives. The candidates in question—Noelani Kamelamela, running in Somerville’s 27th Middlesex District, and Joseph Guertin, on the ballot in the 8th Worcester District—are the first Bay Staters to run for office under the banner of the international Pirate movement.… Read more ...

Massachusetts Pirate Party: Join Us This Thursday, and Reset the Net

On June 5th 2013, Guardian published the first of the Edward Snowden-leaked documents, a National Security letter that compelled Verizon to produce copies of all of their customer’s call records, and deliver them to the NSA on an “ongoing, daily basis”. By itself, that was a huge deal — very few people had ever seen a national security letter, save for those unfortunate enough to receive one.… Read more ...

Massachusetts Pirate Party: Nine More Days to Get Joe & Noelani on the Ballot

Joe Guertin and Noelani Kamelamela are running for State Representatives as Pirates.

Joe is running for the 8th Worcester district which includes the towns of Bellingham, Blackstone, Millville, and Uxbridge. Noelani is running for the 27th Middlesex district which contains most of Somerville.

Each has to get 150 voters in their districts to sign their nomination papers.… Read more ...

Pirate Party Running Francis Klein for Governor of Wisconsin

According to this article by Jack Craver, The Pirate Party is running at least two candidates for office in Wisconsin, including a gubernatorial candidate. An excerpt:

“It would be an ideal if I won the election, however, I will readily concede that that is not likely,” says Francis Klein, candidate for governor of Wisconsin.… Read more ...

Pirate Action: TPP FASTTRACK – Call Your Senators!

Last week Senators Max Baucus, Orrin Hatch, and Dave Camp introduced the “Bipartisan Congressional Trade Priorities Act of 2014″ into the Senate. This is legislation which would fast track secretive trade agreements such as the Trans Pacific Partnership (TTP) and Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), both of which are being written behind closed doors by bureaucrats and corporate lobbyists.… Read more ...

Constitution Party’s Facebook Page Surpasses 5,000 “Likes”

The Constitution Party’s official Facebook page surpassed 5,000 “likes” earlier today. The following picture was posted:

The Constitution Party’s top ten state affiliates, by number of Facebook likes (as of today):

1. Constitution Party of Illinois – 1,685 likes

2. Constitution Party of Tennessee – 1,598 likes

3. Constitution Party of Arizona – 836 likes

4.… Read more ...

Reform Party joins blackout to protest SOPA and PIPA

The Reform Party website currently displays the following message:

Thank you for your support.
We are joining with others in this blackout to
protest SOPA and PIPA as a potential infringement
on the rights of all Americans.

The Reform Party is dedicated to upholding
the Constitution and is participating in a one day
Internet Blackout today Jan 18th, 2012.

Read more ...

US Pirate Party proposal for a new national committee


by Christopher Sheats

On behalf of the Washington Pirate Party, we welcome you to us.pirate.is. WAPP wishes to utilize this Icelandic-hosted, top-level domain to help bring together people that are sensitive to the many issues surrounding the freedom of information, individual privacy, and the open sharing of knowledge and culture.… Read more ...

United States Pirate Party: The End of the USPP

Source: US Pirate Party (from e-mail sent to Ryan Brennan, editor & webmaster of www.ThirdPartyPolitics.us, August 3, 2011)

Good morning.

If you have been following the recent events concerning the United States Pirate Party you will know that we recently had an election and that for the past 8 months we have been wanting to dissolve the current form of the United State Pirate Party.… Read more ...

United States Pirate Party: The Current State of Affairs

Source:   US Pirate Party (from e-mail sent to Ryan Brennan, editor & webmaster of www.ThirdPartyPolitics.us,  July 23, 2011)

The United States Pirate Party (USPP) has finalized the election of Party officers in an open election held July 14, 2011.

The election was delayed due to several reasons including a recent malware attack on the webservers hosting the official Party’s website (Pirate-Party.uRead more ...

Observer-Reporter Newspaper Editorial: ‘A wise observation from political fringe’

From an editorial by the The Observer-Reporter newspaper (Washington & Greene Counties of PA):

Minor political parties in the country are viewed with suspicion. Many of us dare not question the sanctity of the two-party system and consider third parties as gaggles of eccentrics on the lunatic fringe. For sure, some of them are.

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Bradley Hall of the US Pirate Party answers student questions

Bradley Hall at US Pirate Party:

Over the past few months, I have been interviewed by students and major news outlets regarding the USPP’s views on different things. While I cannot comment on the major news outlet’s questions as yet, I can, however, speak about things on the student level.… Read more ...