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Vohra Suspension Motion Fails

From an article on Marc Montoni’s “FreeVirginia” blog:

A motion to suspend Arvin Vohra (Twitter, Maryland US Senate Campaign Website, Facebook, MeWe) from his position on the Libertarian National Committee has failed.

Current LP chairman Nick Sarwark (Twitter, Phoenix Mayor Campaign website, Facebook) wrote up his opinion on the subject.

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FL Whigs: Truesdell US Senate Campaign

From a release by Paul Truesdell, chairman of the Florida Whig Party:

“I understand that mine is but one voice, but perhaps when united in a national chorus of discontent against those who would willingly deny you and I as Americans, access to our natural public resources, foundations to governmental entities and asserted councils can better understand how such radical anti-fishing rhetoric is truly impacting the cultural heritage and traditions of our vital coastal infrastructure and refusing us our basic human rights as established under the public trust doctrine.”… Read more ...

Florida Libertarian US Senate candidate Alex Snitker: It’s Time For America First Foreign Policy

Press release sent to contact.ipr@gmail.com:

According to U.S. Senate candidate Alex Snitker, the recent tensions between Turkey and Israel underscore the need for America to return to the non-interventionist foreign policy that we embraced during the first century after our founding.

Snitker is the Florida Libertarian competing with Governor Charlie Crist, Marco Rubio and Kendrick Meek for the U.S.… Read more ...