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Utah LP Endorses Gary Johnson

The Utah LP has joined the Nebraska LP and (members of the executive committee of) the South Carolina LP, as well as county parties in Snyder and Northampton counties, PA in endorsing Gary Johnson for the Libertarian Presidential nomination.

Dr. Tom Stevens quotes LP of Utah chair Jake Shannon as saying

The leadership of the Libertarian Party of Utah is excited to announce our official endorsement of Gary Johnson for the LP presidential candidacy.

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Q Salt Lake: ‘Andrew McCullough: Libertarian and Loving LGBTs’

JoSelle Vanderhooft in Q St Lake (excerpts):

McCullough, a Utah County attorney whose clients have included members of the adult entertainment industry, is a member of one of the country’s fastest growing political parties — and one of the state’s most colorful; its candidates have, at various times, included professional hypnotists, outspoken fans of marijuana and Dell “Superdell” Schanze, the former owner of Totally Awesome Computers (who made a failed bid in 2008 as the Libertarian candidate for governor, and who ran as a Republican this year).

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Wayne Root speaks to Utah Libertarians

Excerpted from an IPR comment by Joe Buchman:

A public THANK YOU to Wayne Allyn Root.

Last Saturday the Libertarian Party of Utah held a “How to run for public office 101″ meeting for potential Libertarian candidates for public office.

At the same time one of the other 2008 candidates for Vice President, Sarah Palin, was spewing kindergarden BS to the tea party folks in Nashville, Wayne was here, at his own expense speaking to us.… Read more ...