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Max Abramson to Seek Reform Party 2020 Presidential Nomination

New Hampshire representative Max Abramson, who is currently seeking the presidential nomination of the Veterans Party of America, has stated in an email to IPR that, as of today, he is seeking the 2020 presidential nomination of the Reform Party.

Abramson, who was a major in the Civil Air Patrol, was elected to the New Hampshire State House in 2014 as a Republican. … Read more ...

Max Abramson Seeking 2020 Presidential Nomination of the Veterans Party of America

New Hampshire Representative Max Abramson, who previously sought the Libertarian Party’s 2020 presidential nomination before withdrawing in March, has decided to seek the presidential nomination of the Veterans Party of America.  Abramson broke the news last Tuesday on his campaign blog.  Last month Abramson told IPR that two different political parties had contacted him about running for their presidential nominations. … Read more ...

3rd Party Debate LIVE Tonight 7 PM EST


From Adam Seaman, American Third Party Report, 2 hours ago:


Tom Hoefling will represent America’s Party and Chris Keniston will represent the Veterans’ Party and Mike Maturen from the American Solidarity Party will be debating one another tonight on Open Rebellion Radio on BlogTalkRadio.  You can listen in the box above, simply click the play button.… Read more ...

Veterans Party presidential candidate Chris Keniston: “Consequences of Hate and Division”


Chris Keniston (Image: ChrisKeniston2016.com)

The following statement was written by Chris Keniston, the Veterans Party of America presidential candidate, and published on ChrisKeniston2016.com on July 9th, 2016:

If it wasn’t clear before that I’m not a politician, it will certainly be clear today.

Dallas authorities have officially concluded that Thursday night’s heinous attack was carried out by a lone gunman.

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IdahoGunny interviews Veterans Party presidential candidate Chris Keniston

IdahoGunny of Rapid Fire Radio recently interviewed Veterans Party presidential nominee Chris Keniston, and the video of the 20 minute interview was uploaded to YouTube yesterday. Sean Ryan of the Rapid City Journal also conducted an interview with Keniston, which can be read here. (Source: American Third Party Report)

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Mark Wachtler: Working Families Party Turns Issues into Results

From Mark Wachtler at Opposition News:

The Working Families Party doesn’t hesitate to enlist the old strategy of flooding another Party’s candidate with WFP support and votes. In most cases, there simply were no Working Families candidates on the ballot and the Party swung the election by openly supporting a progressive Democrat over a conservative Republican.… Read more ...

Three Parties Have Already Told Texas they Intend to Petition in 2016

From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

Texas has a unique law saying a party that is not now on the ballot, but which intends to try to get on the ballot, must notify the Secretary of State at the beginning of any election year. So far, three parties have notified the Texas Secretary of State that they intend to try: (1) the Christian Party; (2) the Modern Whig Party; (3) the Veterans Party.… Read more ...

Veterans Party Scores Election Win, Readies for 2016

From Mark Wachtler at Opposition News:

Last week, we happily reported that 45 Libertarians and Greens won their elections during the 2015 General Election held earlier this month. But there was another winner we can proudly congratulate. The Veterans Party of Pennsylvania saw one of their candidates, Katie Lakes, win her race for Montoursville City Tax Collector.… Read more ...

Veterans Party Candidate Chris Keniston: We’re Going After the Major Parties

From Eric Robinson at the Independent Voter Network:

On August 17, Air Force veteran Chris Keniston was formally declared the first official presidential candidate of the Veterans Party of America. However, few people have likely heard of Keniston or the Veterans Party, founded in 2013, since not a single major news outlet covered the event.… Read more ...

Veterans Party Presidential Ticket to Speak at October 10th Rally in Washington, DC

From the Veterans Party website:

Exciting News for the Veterans Party of America and Election 2016!!!

The Veterans Party of America’s nominated candidate team for President of the United States, Chris Keniston and Deacon Taylor, have been invited to speak in front of many groups at the “Stand in Support of Our Stars and Stripes” in Washington D.C.… Read more ...

Chris Keniston: My Response to the “Wasted Vote” Argument

From Chris Keniston at his campaign website:

I received another great question from a supporter that I want to answer here publicly.

“I have several friends who love your party and your stance on the issues, but have said that they can’t waste their vote voting for someone who has no chance of being elected.… Read more ...

Chris Keniston: Sowing Seeds of Change

From Veterans Party presidential candidate Chris Keniston at his campaign website:

When the first seeds of Revolution were being planted in colonial America, there was nothing remotely like our modern Mainstream Media. Communicating ideas was often done by the purest form of social media, people literally socializing with one another.… Read more ...