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Posts tagged as “Vietnam War”

Workers World Party Pays Tribute to Ramsey Clark

Last Friday, Ramsey Clark, the U.S. Attorney General for the last two years of the Lyndon B. Johnson administration, died at the age of 93.  Clark, the son of Supreme Court justice and fellow Attorney General Tom C. Clark, became an advocate for anti-war causes after leaving office, actively opposing U.S.Read more ...

Amid Trump’s POW Tweet Reaction, Perot’s Rebuke of McCain Recalled

Earlier today, President Donald Trump, once a candidate for the Reform Party’s presidential nomination (in 2000), tweeted the following:

In response, Twitter users revisited Trump’s 2015 comments about Senator John McCain, a Vietnam War POW:

This caused “Senator McCain” and “John McCain” to trend on Twitter today with users attacking Trump and expressing admiration for McCain, who died in 2018.… Read more ...