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Ken Moellman: About Vote Splitting – Political Analysis

Ken Moellman is the chairman of the Libertarian Party of Kentucky (LPKY). He was a candidate for Kentucky state treasurer in 2011, a race in which he came in third place with 37,261 votes, or 4.6% of the vote. 

About Vote Splitting – Political Analysis

Published June 11, 2013

By Ken Moellman

I often hear people lament that Libertarians split the vote and cause their candidate to lose.… Read more ...

Newt Gingrich Targeting TEA Party Candidate Randy Wilkinson in FL-12

The latest from The Ledger:

“Hi, this is Newt Gingrich…Florida Democrats have created a fake Tea political party to split our conservative vote and keep (House Speaker) Nancy Pelosi in power.

“The liberals’ fake Tea Party candidate for your district is Randy Wilkinson.

“Don’t be fooled by Wilkinson’s Tea Party label.

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The Eternal Debate on Debates

From the Topeka Capital-Journal:

Ken Cannon and Andrew Gray endorse third-party candidate participation in Kansas gubernatorial debates.

It is more than philosophical. It is personal.

Gray is the Libertarian Party’s nominee for governor, while Cannon carries the banner of the Reform Party on the November ballot.

The first significant opportunity for these third-party leaders to exchange political barbs with Republican nominee U.S.

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