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Pacific Green Party of Oregon Kicks Off Registration Drive in Order to Remain Ballot-Qualified

Ballot Access News:

The Pacific Green Party of Oregon didn’t run any statewide candidates in 2010, so it can only be on the ballot in 2012 if it gets its registration up to one-half of 1% of the state total by mid-2012. Just prior to the 2010 election, one-half of 1% was 10,332 registrants, and at that time the Pacific Green Party had 8,710 registrants.… Read more ...

Beau Cain: How to Start Your Voter Registration Drive

Posted by Beau Cain at CA.LP.ORG. H/T Andy Jacobs.

There’s no better time than now to boost California’s registered Libertarians with a voter registration drive, and you can help us reach an unprecedented level of understanding and cooperation toward liberty. Just look at this graph showing our steady growth for more than two years, and how close we are to having over 100,000 registered Libertarians in California.… Read more ...