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Libertarian Party of Nebraska Doubles Voter Registration Numbers

From NET Nebraska News:

The Nebraska Democratic Party is touting a “blue wave” of support and “astounding increase” in Democrats requesting vote-by-mail ballots. But voter registration numbers from the Nebraska Secretary of State’s office point to a much less positive trend.

There are 355,753 registered Democrats as of this week.… Read more ...

Andy Jacobs Interviewed Again, This Time By San Diego Reporters

Andy Jacobs OK

Found in Voice of San Diego

Sacramento Report: Signature-Gatherers Cheer the New Voter Registration Rules

By Sara Libby and Scott Lewis
October 16, 2015

One of the most significant pieces of legislation lawmakers and the governor agreed to last session was the so-called New Motor Voter bill, by San Diego Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez.… Read more ...

NC progressives charge voter suppression, but is it really voter apathy?

Brian_Irving7North Carolina progressives, and the News & Observer (Raleigh), are up in arms again over another alleged attempt at voter suppression. This time they claim the Republicans have deliberately prevented people from registering to vote. The basis for the charge is that the number of people registering to vote while applying for public benefits or a driver’s license has decreased.… Read more ...

New NC voters continue to shun major parties

The number of voters registering in a major party continues to decline in North Carolina, even as the total number of registered voters in continues to rise. As of Nov. 2, there were 6,475,017 registered voters: 2,764,123 registered Democrats, 1,990,192 registered Republicans, 22,173 registered Libertarians, and 1,698,529 registered unaffiliated.

The decline in the percentage of voters registered as Republicans or Democrats reached a new record low of 42.69 percent.… Read more ...

A Third Party Activist Suggests: Make Election Day Nov 8, 2011 “Party Transfer Day”

Kimberly Wilder writes: The following post and FaceBook page is from my husband and co-blogger, Ian Wilder. He is a Green Party member who created a nonpartisan FaceBook page to encourage a switch out of the Democratic Party and Republican Party.

Story at onthewilderside.com: here.

The FaceBook Page for “Party Transfer Day 11/8/2011” is: here.Read more ...

Governor Jerry Brown Vetoes Bill to Outlaw Paying Registration Workers on a Per-Card Basis

Ballot Access News (excerpt):

On October 7, California Governor Jerry Brown vetoed SB 205, which made it a crime to pay registration workers on a per-registration card basis. Because Proposition 14 has left California minor parties with only one means to remain on the ballot, by having registration equal to 1% of the last gubernatorial vote, this veto will help minor parties.… Read more ...

California Governor’s Web Page Makes it Easy for Anyone to Ask for a Veto of a Particular Bill (for example, SB 205)

Ballot Access News:

California Governor Jerry Brown’s web page has this area for commenting on a bill that he is about to either sign or veto. Near the top is a section “Please choose your subject” and there are many generic issues listed. Underneath the alphabetical list of generic subjects is a list of bills that are on his desk, to be either signed or vetoed.… Read more ...

Free and Equal: ‘All-out assault on democracy in California’

Press release from Free and Equal emailed to IPR:

Two new bills in the California legislature would make it harder to register voters, and harder to circulate petitions for initiative, referendum and recalls. SB205 would make it illegal to pay people to register voters on a per-registrant basis. SB168 would do the same for people who circulate petitions for recall elections, or to put initiatives or referendums on the ballot.… Read more ...

California Libertarian Voter Registration Surges Upward

California Libertarian Party:

Now’s a great time for voter registration drives.

According to the latest Report of Registration from California’s Secretary of State, 1,135 voters registered Libertarian just in the past five months. But compared to the May 2010 Report of Registration, our voting ranks have swelled by an amazing 5,571 Libertarians in only nine months!Read more ...

Green Party: Raise Money, Register Greens on St. Patrick’s Day

Ronald Hardy at Green Party Watch:

The San Fernando Green Party launched a campaign to use St. Patrick’s Day as an opportunity to register new Greens and donate to the Green Party.

The facebook page here says:

Wear Green, tell your friends about the Green Party, encourage citizens to register with the Green Party, do a fundraiser, do some tabling locally, donate to the Green Party, host a fundraiser at a pub or bar, hand out green party flyers in front of a supermarket, wear a green party pin, contact a long-lost green party member, have a garage sale, visit 15 homes and inform them about the Green Party, anything to raise awareness for the Green Party!!

Read more ...

California has bill which proposes to make it illegal to pay people to collect voter registrations on a per registration basis

Ballot Access News:

On March 15, at 1:30 pm, in room 3191, the California Senate Elections Committee will hear SB 205. This bill makes it illegal for anyone to pay anyone else to register voters, if the payment is made on a per-registration card basis. The bill is authored by Senator Lou Correa (D-Santa Ana), chairman of the Elections Committee.… Read more ...

New York State: New voter registration forms list Green Party

In New York State, third parties earn their status during the Governor’s race. If a party receives 50,000 votes for its Governor candidate, that party is listed on the NY voter registration forms, and is a party with automatic ballot status. In the 2010 Governor’s race, the Green Party was the only third party in New York State to achieve automatic ballot status by running its own candidate.… Read more ...