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Independents Outnumber Republicans, Gain on Democrats in Broward County, Florida

From The Shark Tank via Third Party and Independent Daily:

In what amounts to an embarrassing piece of news for the Republican Party in Florida, the number of people in Broward County registered as Republicans now trails both Registered Democrats AND Registered Independents. Broward Republicans now trail that highly organized political party, affectionately known as “Other” by close to 1000 votes.… Read more ...

NY Capitol News: Story about the Independence Party, and its chairman’s strategies

In New York, if you want to remain independent as a voter, you check the box on the voter registration form that says you do not wish to enroll in  a party. (This status is often referred to as “a blank”.)  Also on the voter registration form, is the option to join the third party called “The Independence Party”.… Read more ...

Peace and Freedom Party Wins Renewed Ballot Status Through 2014

Posted at peaceandfreedom.org:

With at least two nominees for statewide office receiving more than the required 2% of the vote, the Peace and Freedom Party has secured its official status in California at least through November 2014. Early results show Dina Padilla at 3% for Insurance Commissioner, and Karen Martinez at 2.2% for Controller.… Read more ...

Green Party of California analyzes 2010 election results

News Advisory

Wednesday, Nov. 3, 2010
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GREEN PARTY POSTS KEY MAYORAL, LOCAL WINS; State and Congressional candidates also garner high vote totals, including more than 20% in South State race

SACRAMENTO – The Green Party of California claimed key mayoral and supervisorial victories in local election results, and its state and congressional candidates garnered significant votes totals Tuesday far above party registration, according to party officials.… Read more ...

Constitution Party Will Sue to Get on Illinois Ballot

Ballot Access News:

The Constitution Party of Illinois expects to file a lawsuit on September 1 to get its statewide slate of candidates on the Illinois ballot. Illinois requires 25,000 valid signatures. After employees of the State Board of Elections checked each signature, they found 25,017 valid signatures. But then members of the Board reduced the valid number to 22,000.… Read more ...

Strong Libertarian voter registration in Alaska

Libertarian Party blog:

The Associated Press reports:

Libertarians have picked up the most additional voters in Alaska over the past year. The state Division of Elections reports about 6,530 more registered voters in the state on Aug. 3 than on the same date a year earlier….

Among the categories seeing gains, Libertarians led the pack, with nearly 2,440 more voters than a year earlier.

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Did Scott Brown Win Because of Independents?

The Massachusetts special election for US Senate, won by Scott Brown, was said to have been the result of angry independents expressing their political will. But is this cliche true in this case?

Registered independents in Massachusetts have outnumbered the registered Democrats (or Republicans) in the state since February of 1990.… Read more ...

Election Summit and Conference held in Ohio, with assistance of Brennan Center for Justice

Common Dreams News Wire posted a press release about the “Election Summit and Conference” convened by Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner in Ohio. It’s purpose was to reflect on the 2008 election in Ohio and reforms for 2009.

The conference is a useful model for election reform in that the government brought in the Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law and other non-partisan experts.… Read more ...

Alaska purges registration rolls: Stats for party growth/decline

from Ballot Access News
Alaska Purges Registration Rolls

March 21st, 2009

Earlier this month, Alaska purged its list of registered voters, to delete people who haven’t voted in the last four years. The new registration totals for each party, compared to the totals just prior to the November 2008 election, show that the two major parties have proportionately gained, whereas the number of voters registered as independents, or as members of minor parties, has declined.

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Ballot Access News roundup

Original blog posts in Ballot Access News by Richard Winger. Posted to IPR by Paulie.

Montana Bills for Registration by Party are Tabled

Two Montana bills to institute registration by party have been tabled. HB 248, by Rep. Ken Peterson (R-Billings) would have set up closed primaries, but it was tabled on January 28.

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Ballot Access News: current voter registration tallies by party

Original post here. Among parties other than Democrats and Republicans, it appears the Libertarians held steady in percentage (presumably, this means a higher raw number, since a lot of people registered to vote for the first time in a high turnout presidential election). The bulk of the “Constitution Party” total comes from the AIP in California, which ran Keyes this year.… Read more ...

Trouble with voting? Call Ralph Nader

On Ralph Nader’s website, a new page has been added to help voters vote. It will help you find the nearest polling place, help you learn how to write Nader’s name in (where that is needed), show you sample ballots, help you check your registration (or register on Election Day), help with early voting, help you if you experience problems when you vote, and help you “safeguard the vote” against election fraud and errors.… Read more ...