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Arvin Vohra Berates Libertarian Party Members with Scathing Essay

2020 Libertarian presidential candidate and former LNC vice chair Arvin Vohra posted the following essay, critical of Libertarian Party members, on his Facebook account yesterday:

During the last three years, I have intentionally provoked you all with the most controversial topics I could find. I’d like to take a moment to tell you why.… Read more ...

Adam Kokesh: Stimulus Checks Are Here!

2020 Libertarian Party presidential candidate Adam Kokesh sent out the following fundraising pitch today about how supporters can spend stimulus checks the federal government handed out:

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There are some libertarians out there that really hate taking anything from government.

I am not one of those libertarians!

My good friend Prof. Walter Block has written extensively on the issue, a good overview of his arguments on ethically taking from the government treasury can be found on the Mises Institute’s website HERE.… Read more ...

“Libertarians for Trump” Launches Website


Dr. Donald W. Miller today announced the creation of a new website for the organization “Libertarians for Trump” (LFT).  The website is located at http://libertariansfortrump.org/

As stated on the website, Miller, a retired cardiac specialist, co-founded the group, along with economics professor Walter Block and retired economics professor Ralph Raico, in order “to advance Libertarian values and discussions in the 2016 Election.”  … Read more ...

Walter Block Announces Formation of “Libertarians for Trump”

Yesterday, libertarian theorist Walter Block announced the formation of Libertarians for Trump (LFT), a group supporting the election of businessman Donald Trump, the 2016 Republican Party presidential front-runner.

Block, an economics professor at Loyola University, writes at LewRockwell.com that he and retired cardiac surgeon Dr. Donald W. Miller Jr. created LFT to mobilize the “massive support for Donald Trump within the libertarian community.”… Read more ...

Walter Block: No Brainer Who To Vote For

Dr. Block has kindly given me permission to share here an email which I received a few days ago. I’ve deleted only the identity of the individual to whom the following was initially addressed, a portion unrelated to Dr. Block’s endorsement of Gary Johnson for President, and Dr. Block’s email and telephone numbers from his signature line (to avoid their capture by automatic spamming software).… Read more ...

Walter Block: Barr-Root ‘devastating to our cause’, favors Boston Tea Party and Constitution Party

In a new article at LewRockwell.com, renowned Austrian economist and long-time libertarian theorist Dr. Walter Block, author of the classic Defending the Undefendable, says the Libertarian Party ticket of Bob Barr and Wayne Allyn Root is a “disgrace” and “devastating to our cause.”

Barr-Root are not running for a major party.

Read more ...

Walter Block: Barr-Root ‘arguably less libertarian’ than Sarah Palin

In an article published today on LewRockwell.com, Austrian economist and libertarian philosophe Walter Block calls Bob Barr a “theif” who has “stolen our Libertarian Party from us.” Block says he will not support the national Libertarian Party “until all vestiges” of Barr’s “theft” have been swept away.

Furthermore, Block says he has sympathy for the Constitution Party and Boston Tea Party, but they’re on too-few ballots for him to seriously consider.… Read more ...

Walter Block: Barr/Root not ‘real libertarians’; LP ‘taken over by conservatives’

Austrian economist and LRC contributor, Dr. Walter Block, has posted a nearly 4,000-word account of his experiences at the 2008 Libertarian Party convention.

I had heard, beforehand, that the LP was on the verge of being taken over by conservatives, and nothing in my experience of that convention was incompatible with that surmise.

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