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Jo Jorgensen: Here’s What I Think about Kamala Harris – Joe Biden Just Made a Fatal Campaign Mistake

2020 Libertarian presidential nominee Jo Jorgensen sent the following message today to email subscribers concerning presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s decision to select Senator Kamala Harris of California as his running mate. 

Joe Biden is making the worst mistake of his Presidential campaign today.

Kamala Harris is officially his selection for Vice President.… Read more ...

Prohibition Party: Relaxing the rules against use of recreational drugs


ATPR: The following article, titled “Drug Legalization: Relaxing the rules against use of recreational drugs”, appeared in the April/May/June 2016 edition of the National Prohibitionist, the official newsletter of the Prohibition Party, America’s oldest continually existing third party since 1869. The full text of the article is below:

Legalization is often presented as a way to cut the cost of prisons, and it is an unfortunate fact that the “prison industry” has grown fat on the persecution of marijuana users.… Read more ...

Politico: “Libertarian Johnson: Drug war ‘root cause’ of police shootings”


By Burgess Everett, Politico.com, July 8th, 2016:

Gary Johnson believes the tensions between police and minorities that led to two high-profile police shootings and the deaths of five Dallas police officers has a root cause: The long-running war on drugs.

The libertarian nominee for president did not directly tie the drug war to the shooting deaths in Minnesota and Louisiana by police or the sniper killings of five officers in Texas this week.

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Avens O’Brien: Libertarians Are Obsessed With Pot. You Should Be Too. Here’s Why…

Avens O'Brien and Ann CoulterPhoto by Judd Weiss

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Libertarians Are Obsessed With Pot. You Should Be Too. Here’s Why…

by Avens O’Brien
March 18, 2015

Cannabis is in the air – or in the news a lot lately, as states continue to legalize, decriminalize and medicinalize the plant.

Last week, Senators Cory Booker, Rand Paul, and Kirsten Gillbrand introduced the first-ever bill in the US Senate to legalize cannabis for medical use.Read more ...

The Daily Bell: Judge Jim Gray on Drug Prohibition, Marijuana Legalization and LEAP


Anthony Wile sat down with the Libertarian Party’s Vice-Presidential Candidate of 2012, retired Judge Jim Gray, and has provided this interview. It begins with a fairly thorough biographical piece, which the reader can find here .

They begin by talking about the War on Drugs:

Daily Bell: Thanks for taking time to talk with us today.Read more ...

Libertarian Party of Ohio: The folly of the “War on Drugs”

From LPO.org

Perez bust demonstrates the folly of the “War on Drugs”

PostDateIconFriday, 06 September 2013 22:30 | PDF | print | email

By John Fockler
LPO Deputy Communications Director

OHIO—Cleveland Indians relief pitcher Chris Perez was found guilty of misdemeanor drug abuse in Rocky River Municipal Court on Tuesday, September 3. According to the Associated Press, Perez was fined $250, placed on probation for one year, and was ordered to speak to students about drugs.

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Riley J. Hood: Want To Get High? Want To Be Free?

The following was originally posted on the Independent American & Constitutional Review on June 18, 2013 by yours truly.

Riley J. Hood is the chairman of the Constitution Party of Wisconsin. He was a write-in candidate for U.S. Senate in 2012 and received 70 votes.  

Want To Get High? Want To Be Free?
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Ron Paul Featured in Anti-Drug-War Music Video

The following appeared in the May 8, 2013 edition of the Liberator Online, the official publication of The Advocates for Self-Government. Ron Paul was the Libertarian Party candidate for president in 1988 and is a lifetime LP member. 

In January 2008 Paul shocked Republican audiences during the presidential debates by declaring: “We need to repeal the whole War on Drugs.

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Libertarian Party of Florida: A Response to Rand’s Statement on Cannabis and Being a “Libertarian Republican”

May 17, 2013

It is a common misunderstanding that those who support the legalization of cannabis, if only for medical reasons, are a gaggle of pot smokers in the pejorative sense who do little to contribute to society as hard working Americans. Across all political and economic lines, the use of cannabis has been consistent and the number of Americans who support its legalization (or decriminalization) is on the rise.… Read more ...

LP Attacks Rand Paul Over Latest Stance on Drug War

LP Facebook post on May 14th:

Many of you planned to support Rand Paul in 2016, hoping that he was serious about ending the wasteful and expensive War on Drugs.

The bad news: he is not. (http://reason.com/blog/2013/05/13/rand-paul-assures-evangelicals-that-he-d)

The good news: there are hundreds of Libertarian candidates who are. We are working to keep them on the ballot (which involves fighting legal battles from both Republicans and Democrats), and promote them.

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Can the Libertarian Party Make Marijuana Legalization A Mainstream Issue

Third parties were the first electoral parties to push a number of then-fringe issues into the mainstream over the years in the United States. From the abolition of slavery and universal suffrage to social security and prohibition, third parties have pioneered many issues that became law or nearly so. This article at The Atlantic suggests that the Libertarian Party in 2012 might push the legalization of marijuana into the mainstream.… Read more ...

Green Party seeks abolition of prison nation and police state abuses in the US

From a Green Party of the United States press release: here.

Green Party seeks abolition of Prison Nation and
Police State abuses in the US

Green Party of the United States / Friday, March 16, 2012


Greens promote sane justice system and security policies, including a halt to the War on Drugs and constitutional violations

2012 Green Party Presidential Nominating Convention, July 12-15, 2012 in Baltimore, Md.Read more ...